Getting To the Art of It, Perth Style

Someone once said about Perth: “It is closer to nowhere than anywhere.”

Being one of the most isolated cities in Australia (and possibly the world) does have an upside. Distance has made the locals who they are: resourceful, independent and creative. Necessity does that, it seems.

Perth’s pulsing arts and culture scene reflects this cowboy spirit of innovation.

In recent years, the city has shed off its sleepy backwater vibe to become a fabulous playground for traditional and contemporary artists, musicians, performers, designers, dancers and writers.

For all you art and culture lovers, you’re spoilt for choice. Weave your way through Perth’s many cultural centres and fascinating museums (brush up on your knowledge of the New Norcia monks, for example, or visit the heritage-listed Fremantle Prison).

Immerse yourself in WA’s rich indigenous culture with a tour of the many art galleries and craft retailers. Enjoy a night of classical music or some homegrown fare from the city’s resident theatre and comedy groups.


Perth International Arts Festival
Photo Credit: Wikipedia/SeanMack

There are plenty of free events in and around Perth too. If you fancy stretching your legs, grab a map and embark on one of the many public art walks around.

With its ever-changing menu of major events and happenings, Perth’s arts and culture scene has something for everyone all year round.   Here are just a teensy few of the highlights:



Fremantle Festival
Photo Credit: Wikipedia/Logan Campbell

So to whoever said, it’s worth going that extra mile, we agree. Perth’s arts and cultural scene is certainly worth the journey.

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