Alex Taucher


My name is Alex Taucher, I'm originally a kiwi, and lived in QLD for a while too, but after coming to Perth to complete a degree in dietetics I
decided I loved the west coast so much that I would stay here. I call perth my home, and spend my weeks working at a cupcake store and seeing clients as part of my dietetics practice (ironic I know, but everything in moderation). My evenings (and weekends) are filled with friends and family, eating out, going out, and just generally having a good time. My favourite time in Perth is summer, especially March. I love hanging out in freo (or the city), swimming at the beach, going to outdoor movies and taking a drive down or up the coast. I've travelled to a fair few countries, and am always happy to come home, its perth-fect!! :D

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