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I have always had a love for travel, exploring new places and finding new things to do.  Ask me where to go on holiday, and I'll give you a passionate reply on all the places that I have loved to experience.  Ask me where I want to go on holiday, and you'll get a somewhat lenghty response on all the places that I still cannot wait to get to.  

I've long had a love affair with writing, but only in the last few years have gotten into the habit of sharing my written work.  It's something I now enjoy and in addition writing about my own experiences, thoughts and opinions, love reading the talents of other writers.  I'm something of a book worm.
Aside from travelling and reading, my passion is spending time with my family and friends; finding new things to do together and enjoying shared experiences.  I am a mum of one cherished boy and happily married to a lovely man who was blessed with an abundance of patience who indulges me in my love of list making (I am obsessed), all things Christmas related and with the starting (and subsequent finishing) of new hobbies that take my fancy.
You'll very often find me in the kitchen trying out (sometimes successfully) new recipes and creations.  Food magazines are my guilty pleasure, and I can be found pouring over these for hours.  I love trying out new restaurants, and finding some of Perth's hidden food treasures.
I work in the City part time as a HR Manager, with the rest of my time spent as a mum/toddler entertainer.
I enjoy and feel blessed to live in such a wonderous place as Perth and writing about the amazing array of things this great place has to offer is a joy.  I'm also a regular contributor to Weekend Notes and my profile is http://www.weekendnotes.com/profile/helenonthesofa/

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