Kim Norrie


Kim Norrie

I've just turned 53, am married with a 16 year old daughter and have lived in Perth pretty well all my adult life, having grown up (well, some say that's still a matter for debate) in Bunbury.

Amongst other things I'm interested in music (both live & recorded), photography, film, art, literature, philosophy, criminology, history, sport, food, wine, travel, native plants & animals and fishing. Look, there's plenty more but that's probably enough - suffice it to say I'm a pretty handy person to have on your quiz night table.

I've worked in a wide range of jobs from farmhand to bank teller - including a stint as a Horticulturist at Kings Park Botanic Garden - where I learned a huge amount about native plants and ecosystems. I'm currently working as an intelligence analyst for a government department that I've been with 25 years and do a lot of report writing. For obvious reasons I can't say who, and can't have that on my profile anyway.

I'm also a bit of a frustrated editor - some would say a spelling & grammar Nazi - I'd say, if you're going to do it, do it properly. Don't even start me on inappropriate apostrophes. (My favourite is a public toilet sign that says Ladie's).

I'm very passionate about photography in particular, but like to draw and paint as well. I've been filling my hard drive with lots of photos and I've got a Nikon DSLR and have been gradually replacing all the lenses I had before the world turned digital. I also contribute to an art website called RedBubble. You can see my profile (named Outsider) at RedBubble.

I also love to travel. I've been to a number of countries in Asia, some in Europe and have been to every state in Australia bar QLD. I have frequent 4WD adventures with a group of friends - mainly remote inland WA - but last year completed a fantastic 6 week trip into the NT and Central Australia.

The world's a big place and there's so much more to experience.

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