This section of Perth Walkabout is dedicated to places that have an environmental focus, including places where the community can learn about what we can do to help protect our planet from further environmental damage to places which sell organic products.

Favourite Environment Places

Perth Walkabout will be featuring favourite places with an environmental focus to visit in the coming weeks.

Perth City Farm
Take a visit to the vibrant Perth City Farm which was transformed from its earlier life as a scrap metal yard to a thriving, sustainable community. Enjoy browsing through the Perth City Farm Organic Markets on a Saturday, or wander through the farm to view the thriving garden and various community projects on the go. Go to Perth City Farm.

Environment House
The Environment House in Maylands is a shopfront promoting care for the environment and sustainable living and is also home to the Perth EcoShop. Read more about the Environment House.

Men of the Trees
Men of the Trees in Western Australia paves the way with the planting of over 781,000 trees in 2008.
Listen to Perth Walkabout's interview with Sandra Krempl, CEO of Men of the Trees as she gives a fascinating insight into the origins of the Men of the Trees. Sandra reveals how Men of the Trees got its name and gives us the low down on various projects on the go. Listen to the Men of the Trees audio interview with Sandra Krempl.

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