Dim Sum Reviews

Dim sum (the literal translation for dim sum is "to touch the heart") or yum cha, which translates to "drink tea", is very popular in Perth, but there is definitely much more in store for the dim sum patron then just tea!

The following snapshot reviews cover the main dim sum places available in Perth

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The Best Hidden Cafes In Perth


“Hidden cafes in Perth? You must be kidding!” is a cry often heard by Perth's coffee lovers searching for their daily brew.

Although Perth is one of the most isolated capital cities in the world, we are not short on cafes that serve great coffee. Many of our cafes can do a mean brew for those who are in need of a good caffeine fix.

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East Meets West with Choices Galore at the Shanghai Tea Garden


The Shanghai Tea Garden in Northbridge offers food lovers in Perth an interesting blend of Asian food - or Shanghainese food to be more specific –traditional Chinese tea, French-style patisseries and Italian coffee.

There is no doubt that Australia has long been recognised as a place where food fusion is part of the everyday vocabulary.  But I am not sure what you call it when each food or drink is offered in its own right, alongside another. Choice is a word that springs to mind.

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Beer lovers travelling to Perth have a busy time ahead with pubs offering a great range of local, national and international bevies to sample.

But just a word of warning, in Australia the word pub is short for public house and although it also means hotel, a pub is primarily a provider of alcohol and not accommodation. This is an important note for travellers who may want to book a room at a hotel but find themselves at the local drinking hole instead.

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Showing Off WA's Little Creatures


If you’ve ever taken time out on holidays to send a picturesque postcard home just so you can make people jealous and rub in the fact that you're having a wonderful time, you’ll understand the appeal of the Little Creatures Brewery.

Based at 40 Mews Road in Freo, the Little Creatures Brewery is one of those places that you take out of state visitors to just so you can show off how wonderful life is in WA. You hop off the train and skip them through lively streets in a “oh, we all live like this all the time” way.

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