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Forget the car and cycle around Perth's beautiful foreshore

Perth has the ideal weather conditions for cycling and has plenty of great cycle paths on offer that hug the beautiful Perth foreshore. Ok, have to admit that we are one of the windiest cities in the world, but hey, the conditions are still pretty nice. For those who are visiting or newly arrived in Perth, Perth Walkabout provides a few suggestions below to get you started to enjoy Perth's great outdoors.

For those visiting Perth, perhaps you have hired a car to travel around Perth but would like to get outdoors a bit more. Why not hire a bike for the day and spend half the day or a full day enjoying Perth's great outdoors.

Need to stop along the way to recharge for a caffeine fix or food? There are lots of beautiful cafe spots by the foreshore for the bike day tripper or alternatively, pack a picnic. If you need to pack provisions for a picnic or BBQ try Woolworths, Forrest Chase, Murray Street Mall in the city for grocery shopping in the Perth CBD.

Before heading off on your day out, read Perth Walkabout's handy tips on the Perth weather. Make sure you have some nice protection with a hat and sunscreen as Perth tends to have a high UV index. Read Handy Tips on Perth Weather.

Note that many of the paths of the Perth Bicycle Network are shared paths which are provided for both cyclists and pedestrians. Please watch out and give way to pedestrians. Cyclists should keep left on paths as a general rule unless overtaking. In WA, helmets are a requirement of the law.

If you are venturing further afield beyond the Perth foreshore, you may wish to combine your day trip with the use of our Perth train network for part of your journey. Read Perth Walkabout's article on Perth's public transport system.

Perth Walkabout has provided some handy resources on cycling in Perth to get you started:


Bicycle Hire - bicycles can be hired from the Causeway carpark at Point Fraser on the Perth foreshore from About Bike Hire. Go to About Bike Hire.

Guides and Maps - Useful information for cycling around Perth including Guides and Maps covering the Perth Bicycle Network. Go to the Department for Planning & Infrastructure's Cycling section.

Public Transport - combined your cycling trip with the use of our Perth train network. Go to Perth Walkabout's article on public transport.

Suggested cycle day trips

To get you started, Perth Walkabout's suggested day trip is to cycle around the bridges.

Trip 1: Cycle around the Bridges

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Other suggested cycle day trips


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