Living in Perth

This section of Perth Walkabout is dedicated to providing handy tips and useful information for those new to living in Perth.

Perth Walkabout extends a warm welcome to those new to Perth!

Welcome to the sunny and windy capital of Perth, Western Australia.

So you have arrived in beautiful Perth and would like to find your bearings and work out where, what and how in the land of Perth, Western Australia.

Essentials for those New to Perth
To help you get settled in Perth more easily, Perth Walkabout will be covering essential information for those new to Perth in coming weeks.

For Starters

Australian Post Offices

Perth Local Directory Information

Grocery Shopping

Basket of Goods


Real Estate

Other Perth Cities

Fish Markets in Perth

Event Bookings


Public Transport

Specialty Food Shops

Cycling in Perth

Australian Passport


What's New on Living in Perth

Free Wifi in Perth

Listing of Free Wifi in Perth

Free Wifi Perth CBD

Local Area Guide


Coming Up

Listing of Banks

Government Agencies


You may also find the Visitor Information section of Perth Walkabout a useful resource.

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Visitor Information

Things to Do

What's New


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