Old Meets New at The Bell Tower by the Beautiful Swan River

The Bell Tower
Barrack Square
Riverside Drive

Phone: 6210 0444

Open daily from 10.00am (seasonal variations).

Perth is a great place to travel to soak up the history and culture of Australia. The Bell Tower, situated near the Swan River and the Old Perth Port, was opened to the public in 2000. Since its opening, it has attracted many tourists and is now one of the must-see places in Perth. It is especially suited for seniors and kids, and it’s great for a family day out.


The Bell Tower
Photo Credit: Wikipedia/SeanMack

Apart from the history and cultural significance, the main attraction of the Bell Tower is the fact that it is one of the biggest musical instruments in existence today (maybe give a height or size). The tall tower is the proud home of 18 big bells that are rung every now and again for their musical value and for visitors. As a visitor you will be given a guided tour of the beautiful tower, and you will be instructed on the art of bell ringing. The tower also offers spectacular views of the surrounding river and city, and it’s a great way to spend a morning with your family and friends.

For many, the bells offers a once in a lifetime opportunity through some special events. The Bell Tower has been the location for some dream weddings and also for many functions and parties. You, too, can rent it out for birthday parties, receptions, corporate get-togethers and functions. The brilliant views and the beauty of the tower can be a great setting for a special day.


Outside The Bell Tower, Barrack Square
Photo Credit: Wikipedia/SeanMack

The tower itself is newly constructed, but the bells it houses have an awe-inspiring piece of history behind them. St- Martin-in-the-Fields is a cultural beacon in England, and has been so for centuries. The 12 bells of the church rang since the 1400s on occasions of great celebration. They were, and still remain, some of the only sets of royal bells in existence, and the only ones ever to leave England.

The 12 bells were given to Australia as a bicentenary present in 1988. Since then, more and more bells have been added, and today the total number of bells stands at 18. The Bell Tower is a cultural icon and a part of history for all Australians.

How to get there

The easiest way to get to The Bell Tower is to catch a Blue CAT bus from the Perth CBD. You can also choose to walk there, as it is only a short distance from the center of the city. Barrack Street jetty can be accessed by river ferries as well. You can also drive there; it’s located on Riverside Drive.

If you are in the vicinity of The Bell Tower, take a short stroll to visit the Point Fraser Wetlands. Go here to read Perth Walkabout's article on the Point Fraser Wetlands.

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