Avenue Nine

882 Beaufort St, Inglewood
Ph: 9271 7177


It's all happening on Beaufort St in Inglewood as street beautification and road works have finally come to fruition and inner city dwellers move into their new apartments.

The establishment of a trendy café strip in the heart of Inglewood town centre is on its way with the likes of cafes such as Avenue Nine and 3rd Avenue joining the ranks to make this strip a happening place.

I arrived at Avenue Nine on a Thursday night to find it doing a roaring trade. In fact on the nights that I have happened to pass by Avenue Nine, it has been somewhat busy. The locals have been crying out for some decent cafes in Inglewood and the instant customer patronage at this café is proof of it.

Some of the menu items on offer include toasted panini and foccacia, platters, dips and tappas. There is also pasta, wood fired pizza, seafood (including sesame calamari and fresh fish of the day), salads and meat dishes (including grilled crumbed chicken, scaloppini, steak) on offer. Prices range from $9 to $14 for a toasted sandwich, pastas around the $18-$20 mark, pizzas from $14 to $19, and meat dishes from $23 to $28.

On this particular night both the parmesan crusted veal and the fettucine del mare beckoned me. I decided to order the fettucine del mare. It did not disappoint. The seafood was fresh, the pasta was al dente and the tomato based sauce was just right. The serve was also a generous portion.

The service is attentive at Avenue Nine. One minor thing that tends to annoy me is that bottles of tap water are not available and that you must order bottled water. Apart from that, Avenue 9 is a happening place and is leading the way on the new Inglewood café strip. Come and check it out.


Rating: 8 out of 10.


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