Big Bowl

Noodles with a Twist

Big Bowl

408 William Street
Northbridge, 6004
Opening Hours: 11:30AM to 8:30PM
Closed Wednesday
Phone: 9228 4448

Walk by William Street in Northbridge and you might miss Big Bowl. It is tucked away inconspicuously amongst other shops at the Brisbane St Chinatown end of William St.

I had been anticipating visiting Big Bowl having noticed the shop being refitted. And off course, foodie types like myself can't help discovering new places before they even open their doors. Since opening, I have peeped into the shop numerous times and seen it bustling with customers.

On entering the shop, there are 2 huge signboards on the wall describing the event of noodle making and the cafe's philosophy of food.

In conversation with a friend a while back, he mentioned that they served some interesting noodles dishes with cheese and creamy sauces influenced by Macau Portuguese cuisine. That whetted my appetite even further to check out "Big Bowl".

Big Bowl did not disappoint. On the day that I visited with a friend, it was humming along very nicely. My friend ordered a chicken ho fun fried noodle dish. It looked fresh, and the serving was generous. He thoroughly enjoyed it.

I decided to order the baked chicken and mushroom dish. It turned out to be bigger than Ben Hur and took me by surprise when it came out as it was topped with cheese. The menu had not described any cheese in my dish and it would have been nice to have been warned about it. I had built up an expectation of ordering some very nice Asian type noodles that day and had i known or asked, I would have probably changed my order. Nevertheless, I did enjoy my meal and even with my healthy appetite I could not quite finish my serving.

Apart from the above, the service was very friendly and reasonably quick. As my friend and I tucked into our lunch, I noticed that the whole cafe was full with no spare tables available. I think this newcomer on the William Street block is here to stay.

Big Bowl is unique in offering a "noodle" cafe which is distinctive in its offerings. Prices are affordable and range from around $9 to $13.

The heavy duty noodle machines on display behind the counter also add a nice touch. There were signs that fresh noodles had come fresh off the press. But alas, the noodles had been consumed and our stomachs were slightly fuller or much fuller after our visit to Big Bowl.

8 out of 10.


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