Cafe La Tay


144 Stirling St, East Perth
Ground floor of Hatch Building, cnr Newcastle St

Ph: 9228 8087

It was the attraction of the leafiness and greenness of the café surrounds with its trees and plants, in an otherwise stark environment of concrete buildings that drew me to try Cafe La Tay.

Stirling St has seen an influx of apartment building construction of late. It is not really the cafe end of town, although I have noticed a smattering of cafes along the street. In future years to come and with more residents moving in, we should watch the space for more cafes.

I wondered as to the origins of the name Café La Tay as I observed an Asian couple managing the café. One's guess is that the café's name has a bit of a double barreled meaning, with Tay probably being their surname and of course, we all know what a café latte is!

After having been on a spade of weekly breakfast catch ups recently, my capacity to eat out for breakfast has somewhat slowed down. Rather, I think I need to stem the tide of an expanding waistline with my recent intake of mega fattening items such as croissants!

On this slimmer's morning, we ordered a couple of coffees, a flat white and cappuccino, and a serve of fruit bread and toast. Breakfast menu items are very reasonably priced at around $5. I noticed the price differential between this side of town and the more yuppie sides of town which charge more on average for breakfast.

The service was reasonably quick. The waitress ended up bringing us 2 serves of the fruit bread and toast as they must have misheard our order. Anyway, she probably didn't think we could possibly survive on 1 serve of toast between the two of us. Maybe she has been following us around on our breakfast jaunts!

The fruit bread sourced from the New Norcia bakery was a sure thing. Disappointingly, the toast came without any conserves, so we had to go in search of some conserves! The plain toast served was fairly light and insubstantial. I would have liked to see a better quality of plain bread served. I found the coffee to be a bit cold. Maybe I had been chatting and forgot to drink my coffee. But if my memory serves me well, it was not served piping hot.

Business suit types, workers and inner city dwellers are the most regular frequenters of this café. The service is friendly but the coffee was disappointing this time round.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10.


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