Indonesian Indah

120 Barrack St, Perth
Ph: 9221 3970

The Indonesian Indah Restaurant on Barrack St has been around for as long as I can remember. It is interesting to note the revival of cafes on the Barrack St strip with the likes of the very popular Taka Japanese (corner of Wellington St) having an established presence and numerous other interesting eateries popping up all the time.

You have to access "Indonesian Indah" by going down some steep stairs. It is fairly dark down in the restaurant but don't let this deter you as the food is good. Lunch prices range from around $6.50-$10 and are served up from the bain marie. For $6.50 you get one meat and vegetables. There is an a la carte menu but most of the lunch crowd order from the standard lunch menu.

For one meat and vegetables, you can choose fried chicken, one of the meat or chicken curries or fried fish. My friend and I both chose the fish. You get one piece of fish accompanied with fried vegetables (carrots and cabbage) and some fried egg noodles with vegetables (the noodles are not always available) and a few spoonfuls of curry gravy over the white rice.

The fish is really tasty and this is one of my favourites. The serving portions are variable depending on who is serving for the day. For $6.50 sometimes you get a reasonable serve. Other times the serve has been more generous with bigger portions of rice and vegetables.

Overall, this is a good value place and the food is of good quality. Large groups of Indonesian tourists visiting Perth come here to eat so it must be pretty good!



Rating: 7 out of 10.


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