Jade Dynasty Seafood Restaurant



40 Francis St, Northbridge
Ph: 9228 9169

The building occupied by "Jade Dynasty" has a tradition for dim sum. It housed the Ocean Palace for many years, before this was shut down and reopened as Jade Dynasty. The Jade Dynasty also offers a Chinese a la carte menu at night for dinner (dim sum is only for lunch), and is quite frequently used for lavish wedding banquet dinners on the weekends.

The restaurant has a large capacity and has ornate Chinese ceilings from end to end. This is a very presentable place to bring visitors. In comparison, some of the other dim sum places have fairly basic deco.

My friend and I arrived at the restaurant just before 12pm. The restaurant was very busy, but we did not have to queue up. We were ushered to a table close to the kitchen. The upside is that you are first to be offered food from the trolleys.

We ordered a selection of items from the trolleys including ha kao (prawn dumplings), ha cheong (prawn rice flour rolls), chicken feet, and fried squid. The fried squid was outstanding. The squid was tender, it was freshly fried in crisp batter and had a nice hint of salt which really does fresh seafood justice. I also ordered rice porridge with century egg that was nice.

You will note at most dim sum places a trolley going around with 2 huge vats. If you spot this trolley, a frequenter of dim sum will immediately know that it will be offering rice porridge and tow fu fa (soya bean dessert similar to junket). I love tow fu fah and ordered a bowl for dessert later. The tow fu fah is very soft tofu in sugar syrup. The tow fu fah was delicious and it makes a great refreshing finish to a meal.

My friend ordered some egg custard tarts for take away. Even though dim sum places are very busy, take away of individual items is not a drama. But essentially dim sum is a meal for dining in.

I enjoyed the time catching up with my friend over dim sum. Our bill came up to $29 for the two of us. Dim sum usually ranges from $10-$16 per head depending on how much you eat. Till the next dim sum!


Rating: 8 out of 10.


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