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869 Beaufort Street

Opening hours:
Wed to Sun: 11:00am to 2:30pm
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Ph: 9271 8528

Jessie's Curry Kitchen hits the spot

It's raining today and blowing a gale outside and I feel like something hot and spicy. As it turned out, I had arranged to meet a friend at Jessie's Curry Kitchen on Beaufort Street in Inglewood. My friend has a weakness for murtabak and as murtabak is not that easy to source in Perth, i suggested visiting Jessie's Curry Kitchen for some good old murtabak. Murtabak is roti canai bread filled with minced curry meat, eggs and onions commonly found in Malaysia.

Jessie's is a favourite on the Inglewood cafe strip. It is located on Beaufort Street, closest corner is Eight Avenue near Bunnings Warehouse. Look out for the yellow signage for Jessie's. Jessie's has been a welcome addition to the Inglewood strip and is doing a roaring trade. It's not surprising given that the food is fresh, home cooked and the service is always friendly.

It is the only one of its kind on the strip and offers a great selection of Malaysian and Indian food. The owners of Jessie's Curry Kitchen are a husband and wife team from Malaysia. Jeya, the husband is usually out at the front manning the counter with his friendly service. And out back, Jessie is usually cooking up a storm and even though busy in the kitchen always has time to say hi.

As i peered through into the kitchen to say hi to Jessie, I am always bemused at the size of the steel pots which are arm's high. i am always curious to peer into the kitchen to see what creations Jessie is whipping up. The steel pots contain mountains of delicious home made curry enough to feed the army.

On previous occasions, i have ordered the chicken and lamb curry takeaway. The chicken and lamb curry are both outstanding, flavoursome, not too oily, contain quality pieces of chicken and lamb, and definitely hit the spot. Throw in some rice, a paratha or chapati to go with the curry, and you have got a delicious meal ahead.

Depending on your palate, there is a choice of both Malaysian and Indian cuisine. If you opt for the Malaysian dishes, choices include the murtabak, chicken biryani, nasi lemak, nasi goreng and mee goreng. Or perhaps you may feel more like Indian food. The Indian dishes available include butter chicken, a selection of Indian breads including dosai, paratha, aloo paratha, and chapati served with dhall or curry.

On the weekends, Jessie's Curry Kitchen has some specials on offer. These include the chicken biryani and nasi lemak available on Saturday and Sunday. The idli and putti served with with dahl and chutney or a choice of lamb or chicken curry is available on Sundays.

On this particular day, i tried the nasi lemak. It came with a fried egg, a generous serving of aromatic coconut rice, freshly cut cucumber slices, and some sambal. The nasi lemak was tasty, a good serving of sambal quite moderate in hotness which didn't quite have me reaching for the tissues. My friend had the murtabak. The murtabak was freshly cooked and came with a side serving of dahl.

And if dessert beckons, there is lychee and icecream or ice kacang on offer. The huge electric ice shaver sits prominently behind the counter and is on standby ready for the making of ice kacang. Ice kacang, a popular Malaysian dessert is a delicious treat. It is a wicked concoction consisting of a mountain of ice, filled with a selection of red beans, sweet corn, agar or black grass jelly, and drizzled with sweet syrup and condensed milk.

To sum up, the food at Jessie's is home made, tasty and fresh, and the service is friendly. The other plus is that a meal at Jessie's won't break the bank. A meal costs from $6.50 to $11.00. It's great for both dining in or takeaway.

I will have to make a few more visits to make my way through the menu. Next up will be a tasting of the idli or putti with dahl and chutney and ice ka cang to finish up. I expect the next visit to Jessie's will be just round the corner.


Perth Walkabout's Rating: 8 out of 10

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