Seoul Korean BBQ Restaurant

253A William St
Ph: 9328 2398


Korean food eateries are starting to take off in Perth. Not so long ago, there were only a few Korean eateries which I could name on one hand. But they seem to be opening up at a fast rate these days.

For the uninitiated, Korean food is well worth a go with the cuisine having its own distinctive characteristics. Chilli hot usually comes to mind but don't let this deter those who can't hack the heat as not all the dishes are fiery hot.

Seoul Korean BBQ Restaurant is the first established and longest running Korean restaurant in Perth, having been established in the late 80's. We stepped into the restaurant for an early dinner around 6.30pm as we were heading off to watch a play at The Blue Room after.

The Seoul Korean is located to the right of Han's Café, closest corner is Francis and William St. As we entered the restaurant, I noticed a large Korean family group having dinner at the "sit on the floor" style tables. Most of the seating in the restaurant is Western style tables and chairs with only a couple of "sit on the floor" style tables on offer where you have to take off your shoes first.

We were feeling quite hungry and ordered three dishes consisting of the marinated chicken, a stir fried beef with potato noodles and vegetables and a kim chee soup with bean curd, pork and stock. The little side dishes of kim chee (hot pickled Chinese cabbage, thin slices of carrot in chilli), beansprouts and pieces of pancakes were served first. We nibbled on each of these side dishes. They were all quite nice in different ways. The kim chee had a bit of hotness to it. Depending on your palate, some people would probably find it rather hot.

At the centre of each of the tables, there is a gas burner for cooking the BBQ meat. When our marinated chicken arrived, the waitress turned on the gas burner for us. It is somewhat fun to cook at the table. Essentially customers do their own cooking for the BBQ meat, but from time to time, you can expect that the waiter or waitress will come by to check out that everything is ok for the lesser initiated. We found the service to be friendly and efficient.

The kim chee soup had a nice warming flavour and was also quite hot. It had pieces of softly textured bean curd and vegetables, mainly Chinese cabbage and had a few pieces of pork. I noticed that the pork pieces are quite fatty and I assume are used to enhance the flavour of the stock and are not really to eat unless you like fat (which I don't). The stir fried beef with potato noodles and vegetables were tasty and was a good sized portion.

Our bill came to $40 for 3 main dishes. On average, one can expect dinner to cost around $20-$25 per head. Main dishes on average are around the $12-$15 mark.
We felt pleasantly full from dinner and headed off to watch our play.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.


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