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The "Places of Interest" section of Perth Walkabout is dedicated to providing you with some suggestions on places of interest to visit around Perth depending on your interests.

The Places of Interest section covers all the other great places to visit in Perth that don't necessarily fall into any of Perth Walkabout's theme categories as listed below.

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Favourite Places of Interest
Perth Walkabout will be featuring favourite places of interest to visit in the coming weeks.

Chinatown in Perth, Western Australia
Stroll through the hustle and bustle of the real Chinatown in Perth, Western Australia. Is this the new Chinatown of Perth? Find out where it is. Go to Chinatown in Perth.

Perth Zoo
The Perth Zoo is an old favourite amongst locals and a recommend for visitors to Perth. Enjoy an encounter with the animals for a fun day of activity for kids and all. Go to Perth Zoo.

University of Western Australia
Take a leisurely stroll through the beautiful grounds of the University of Western Australia's main campus in the suburb of Crawley. Go to University of Western Australia.

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