Dim Sum

Places to dim sum (or yum cha) in Perth,Western Australia

Going on a dim sum outing generally refers to having a Chinese brunch which offers tantalising morsels of food usually served with Chinese tea.

Dim sum (the literal translation for dim sum is "to touch the heart") or yum cha, which translates to "drink tea", is very popular in Perth, but there is definitely much more in store for the dim sum patron then just tea!

There is an exciting hustle and bustle that goes with dim sum places as waitresses or waiters navigate the trolleys between the closely spaced tables to offer an extensive repertoire of fried dishes, steamed dishes and desserts. Dim sum can also be ordered off the menu rather than choosing from the food trolleys.

Chinese tea is usually the first thing that arrives on your table along with chopsticks and condiments and you are ready to dim sum. The waitress or waiter will frequently check to make sure that your teapot is full. Need your teapot filled up? Invert the lid and your attentive waitress or waiter should come to the rescue.

Prices for each plate of dim sum range from around $2 to $5. As each plate of dim sum is selected, the waitress or waiter will mark the bill which is placed on the table at the start of your brunch. The bill is broken up into different price categories and counted in lots of five.

Perth has plenty of places to dim sum at from around brunch to a late afternoon lunch. The majority of dim sum places are located in Northbridge. Overseas visitors have commented that our dim sum in Perth is pretty good compared to other countries, so I think our dim sum is on par with the best.

It is best to arrive early around 11am to 11.30am, otherwise you could be in for a bit of a wait to be seated at the more popular places.


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