Grocery Shopping

Grocery Shopping in Perth

The main supermarket chains in Perth are Coles and Woolworths which are owned by the big corporates and the Independent Grocers of Australia (IGA) which are a network of independently owned retailers.

To find out where your nearest store is, it's best to go to their respective websites and use their store locators which search by postcodes.

Independent Groceries of Australia (IGA)



Food Shopping in Perth City

If you are in the Perth CBD and would like to do a spot of grocery shopping, the main supermarket Woolworths is located in Forrest Chase off Murray Street Mall. There are also a handful of convenience stores located throughout the city which sell basic grocery items.

Online Food Shopping

With the advent of internet shopping for just about everything under the sun these days, internet food shopping in Perth is available but is limited to a few food supermarket/grocery outlets. Coles and Woolworths offers online shopping in the Eastern States at selected stores but not in Perth stores at present.

Perth Walkabout has identified the following supermarket/grocery outlets where you are able to place your order for grocery items online and have your groceries delivered to your doorstep or office. The service is available during the weekdays within the Perth metropolitan area for a small delivery fee.

Grocery Zone


Coming Up

Online Specialty Food Shops


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