Icey Ice

Icey Ice

Icey Ice Perth CBD
Shop GO2A 166 Murray Street, Perth
near Woolworths, Forrest Chase

Icey Ice Victoria Park, Western Australia
Shop 2, 342 Albany Highway, Victoria Park
Opposite Makan Makan Cafe

Icey Ice Northbridge
Unit 2, 297 William Street, Northbridge

It's snowing in Perth...check out Perth's latest snow ice treat

Looking for something refreshing or a touch of something sweet after dinner?

It's snowing in Perth.......not really. If you are hoping to see any snow in Perth, the Stirling Ranges in the South West of WA is probably your best chance of seeing any snow. If you are lucky, one may catch a glimmer of snow at its highest peak Bluff Knoll which rises to just over 1000 metres.

Meanwhile, back at the snow ice factory, Icey Ice has been busily rolling out shops in Perth. There are currently three Icey Ice shops in Perth. Judging by the word of mouth amongst friends, Icey Ice has gained a reputation for some very tasty ice treats which are a bit different from run of the mill ice cream and has gained an avid following amongst locals. Looks like Icey Ice is here to stay and as we speak Icey Ice is busily expanding in Perth and opening new shops in Queensland in the second half of 2008.

I have been meaning to try Icey Ice for some time now since it opened its shop in Northbridge. Funnily enough, the first time i tried Icey Ice was by coincidence at its newly opened shop in Victoria Park rather than at either the Northbridge or Perth CBD shop which i pass by quite frequently in my travels.

Was dining out with my other half at a Japanese restaurant during a weekday on the cafe strip along Albany Highway, Victoria Park and we were on our way back to the car when we decided to peruse the menu outside the Icey Ice shop. The Icey Ice shop is located opposite the Makan Makan Cafe. Heard someone from inside the shop call out my name and as it turned out my friend Dino Sheref is one of the owners of the new Icey Ice shop in Victoria Park. Dino mentioned that the shop had only recently opened in May 2008. We sampled the mango ice and our first impressions were that it was very refreshing; it melts in the mouth; and superbly captures the unique flavour of mango. The beauty of the mango ice is that it is able to harness the natural mango flavour by using the basic ingredients of fresh mango pulp and filtered water.

The inside of the shop has a cool ambiance and is fitted out with snowflakes and Icey Ice's signature dancing penguin. Icey Ice's motto is that ice tastes like snow and melts in your mouth. Icey Ice is a Taiwanese concept and offers snow ice in all manner of ice......including original milk, green tea, mango, coffee, and peanut. There are also various toppings to go with your ice including read bean, fresh mango, mango sauce, peanuts, chocolate, and fruit toppings such as banana. Prices for a sweet treat range from around $4.50 for a regular plus $1 to $2 for extra toppings.

I will be back for more Icey Ice at some stage to try out other offerings on the menu.

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