Handy Tips on Perth Weather

Handy Tips on Perth Weather

Before you pack your bags, here are some handy tips for preparing for the Perth weather:

Winter - Our winters are generally mild. It is recommended that you pack warm clothes, a rain jacket and umbrella for our winter months. It is likely that your umbrella will play havoc in windy Perth. It's not without a good reason that St George Terrace, the main street in our CBD is renown for its "wind tunnel".

Does it snow in Perth? Unlikely, still waiting! Although it has been known to snow at the top of the Stirling Ranges near Albany with its highest peak Bluff Knoll rising to just over 1000 metres.

Summer - Our summers are hot and dry. It's very much T-shirt and shorts sort of weather. Best to make sure you have adequate protection from the sun. Bring sunglasses ("sunnies"), a broad brimmed hat and slap on plenty of sunscreen.

High UV index - Perth can have a high UV index. It is recommended that you adequately protect yourself from the sun.

Heading "Down South" - If you are heading "Down South" to enjoy the delights of the South West Region of Western Australia, prepare for weather that can be slightly milder than Perth weather.

Heading "Up North" - The tropical north of Perth is broken into two seasons, wet and dry. The Northern Summer ("wet" season) runs from October to March and the Northern Winter ("dry" season) runs from April to September. It is a bit of a tradition for locals to make the annual pilgrimage up North during winter time to escape the cold weather in Perth. Note that the North is susceptible to the Australian tropical cyclone season which can hit during November to April.

Outdoors - If you intend to do a spot of camping during summer time, note that night time can still be quite cold. That also goes the same for watching outdoor movies during summer time. Make sure you rug up.

Mosquitoes - If you are travelling down south or up north it is a good idea to take care against mosquito bites due to the incidence of Ross River virus. It's best to be prepared with long sleeve shirts and insect repellent.

Flies - Yes these pesky things can certainly drive you a bit crazy at times. As you take an adventure through the great Australian bush, you may find a thousand and one flies following you on your adventure. No, it's not really that bad, but best to be prepared with insect repellent.

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