Perth Walkabout March Monthly Wrap


The Perth Walkabout Monthly Wrap is published at the end of each month to provide a snapshot of articles that hit the headlines in the last 4 weeks.

Here is Perth Walkabout's Monthly Wrap for the month of March:

Surf Lifesavers are not just Bronzed Bods in Budgie Smugglers

Visitors to Australia have usually come across surfing of some degree in their own country or in their travels, but surf lifesaving may be a whole new ball game.

Surf lifesaving is not just about bronzed bods in budgie smugglers paddling about in the surf but is an Australian institution which began over one hundred years ago in 1906, some nine years before surfing was introduced to our shores from Hawaii.

Everything Goes at E Shed Markets

Located in Victoria Quay in the centre of Fremantle Port is Western Australia’s only waterfront market, the vibrant E Shed Markets. With a diverse selection of shops and stalls, entertainment and harbour backdrop, E Shed Markets has something for everyone, making it a nice, family friendly place to drop by on the weekend.

It’s a scorching Perth summer afternoon when I step into the historic cargo store that has been a feature of Victoria Quay for a century to escape the heat… and into the eclectic house of shops and stalls that is now the E Shed Markets.

Guide to Perth Live Theatres for a Taste of Culture Part Two

Live theatre in Perth is just that - alive and well.

Many of Perth’s theatres are housed in some of the most historic and interesting buildings that you will come across in your stay in Perth. If you don’t have time to see all the shows on offer, at least try and visit a few of the remarkable building.

This is Part Two of a Guide to Live Theatres in Perth as there are just too many wonderful places to pack into one article.

Cottesloe Beach - Sculpture by the Sea with a Difference

The last day of Sculpture by the Sea is today, so if you were thinking of checking it out, you had better hurry on over to Cottesloe Beach.

My partner and I headed down there last night to view the exhibition, which is located in the vicinity of Indiana Tea House, 91 Marine Parade.

When we arrived, Cottesloe Beach was absolutely bustling with activity and a throng of people enjoying the atmosphere. It was a beautiful night to watch the sunset against the backdrop of Greg James’s tall, strong Coastguard sculpture located at the end of the jetty.

Cottesloe Beach - Sculpture by the Sea Part Two

As promised, here are some more photos of amazing sculptures from the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition at Cottesloe Beach this year.


Cool Down, Warm Up or Work Out at Perth's Aquatic Centres

Australia is a nation where learning to swim often comes before learning to walk.

It seems to makes sense when most of the population lives on the coast and backyard swimming pools are a dime a dozen.

If you don’t have ready access to the beach or your very own spa or pool in the backyard, then why not head to one of Perth’s aquatic centres that are spread around the city?

Stay tuned to Perth Walkabout to explore our beautiful city of Perth.

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