Icey Ice

It's snowing in Perth...check out Perth's latest snow ice treat

Looking for something refreshing or a touch of something sweet after dinner?

It's snowing in Perth.......not really. If you are hoping to see any snow in Perth, the Stirling Ranges in the South West of WA is probably your best chance of seeing any snow. If you are lucky, one may catch a glimmer of snow at its highest peak Bluff Knoll which rises to just over 1000 metres.

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Fish Markets in Perth

Fish Markets in Perth

For seafood lovers in the quest to find the freshest fish to put on the barbie or to make that most elaborate of seafood dishes, the most popular spot for all things fishy would have to be Fremantle.

Fremantle is the port city of Perth, Western Australia and home to the Fishing Boat Harbour which has always been an integral part of life in Fremantle.

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Grocery Shopping

Grocery Shopping in Perth

The main supermarket chains in Perth are Coles and Woolworths which are owned by the big corporates and the Independent Grocers of Australia (IGA) which are a network of independently owned retailers.

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Tofu Shop

A steamy affair with fresh tofu in Northbridge

Feel like a wander through the real Chinatown? Or need to buy some fresh ingredients from an Asian grocer shop in Perth to cook up your specialty Asian dish?

It's often busy on William Street in Northbridge with new shops frequently opening their doors to offer the next new specialty products or services. It's hard to keep track of what's on offer on William Street these days, but it keeps it rather interesting for shoppers.

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