Aussie Rules Football in WA


If you turn on the television on a winter weekend in Perth, there’s a good chance you’ll see some Australian rules football. Commonly referred to as “Aussie Rules” or simply “footy”, it is most popular in the southern states of Australia as well as the Northern Territory, but has also gained support in traditional Rugby strongholds such as Queensland and New South Wales. If you hear someone refer to “football” in Perth, they are most likely talking about Aussie Rules.

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Sensational Sports in Perth, WA


Sport has long been considered a part of Australian culture. Western Australians often take great pride in supporting their favourite teams, as well as celebrating the achievements of their fellow Aussies and West Aussies on the national and international stage. Many also enjoy playing sports on either a casual or competitive basis.

Popular Sports in Perth, WA

Australian Rules (Aussie Rules) football is the most popular football code in Western Australia, with local AFL teams the Fremantle Dockers and West Coast Eagles regularly attracting near-capacity crowds to Subiaco Oval.

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Dog Beaches and Parks Galore in Perth



Perth has a plentiful number of dog beaches and parks where you can take your dog to walk and play.

Being a visitor or newcomer to a city often calls for searching out and finding all of your favourites from scratch, be it favourite coffee shop, book store, restaurant or for your dog, favourite place to take a walk.

Finding a route that you and your dog can use and enjoy on a regular basis can be the difference between a happy chappy and a mooching pooch.


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