Disobedience at Luna


Roni (Rachel Weisz), Esti (Rachel McAdams), Dovid (Allessandro Nivola)
Photo Credit: Disobedience

From the Director of A Fantastic Woman and Gloria, Sebastián Lelio does it again with his latest movie Disobedience.

In a similar vein to his other movies, he explores the themes of love and sexuality from a woman’s perspective, and instead of Santiago as the locale, the movie Disobedience is set within the orthodox Jewish community of London.

Estranged from her family, New Yorker Roni (Rachel Weisz) returns back home after a long absence to pay respects to her rabbi father who has recently died.

In dealing with her loss, she encounters friends from her past including Dovid (Alessandro Nivola) her father’s proposed successor as the new rabbi, and childhood friend Esti (Rachel McAdams) who to her surprise is married to Dovid. Her past is reignited when a passionate romance develops with Esti.

The key characters are confronted with dealing with their feelings in the face of conflicting emotions. Challenges about religious conviction, the sanctity of marriage, and freedom of choice in pursuing happiness are brought to a climatic fore.

Disobedience is a thought provoking movie that brings to light some interesting questions about the choices that we make in life and its resulting impacts on those around us. It provokes insights on who we think we are, within the construct of established and evolving paradigms of modern society.

The movie is now showing at Luna Leederville and Luna on SX in Fremantle.

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