Loritz Circus in Perth - Magic under the Big Top


Royal Kenyan Acrobats
Photo Credit: courtesy of Loritz Circus

The circus is in town - in the suburb of Armadale, Perth to be exact. Loritz Circus' bold and bright red and yellow big top beckons with a light hearted carnival spirit in the air as the excited crowd lines up to get a ringside seat. Roll up, roll up…. there are lots of amazing acts to discover at the Loritz Circus.

The theme for the night is Out of Africa as the stage awakens at dawn to a day in the wild jungles of Africa.

The Loritz Circus performers are high energy… breathtaking and exuberant, and just when you thought you couldn’t possibly see any more acts that defy human capabilities, they return to the ring with a few more jaw dropping tricks up their sleeve. Unbelievable, amazing, superb are a few of the words that come to mind.

The line up of performing artists is huge… Charlenny the contortionist, Andreas the juggler, Americus the Hula Hoop Whiz, the Royal Kenyan Acrobats and the Fabulous Kenyan Girls with their fancy moves. The Kenyan team members’ taut bodies and 6 pack abs ripple with strength and power, whether it is dancing under the flames, shimmying up the pole with ease, or somersaulting through the air. During the dance choreography, the Kenyan team strut their stuff with ease - their bodies as fluid and hot as molten gold.

A circus wouldn't be the same without a clown and Loritz' resident funnyman Markus keeps us laughing with his antics and tricks, and his cute segments as a pony trainer. If you’re not careful, as an audience member you may also find yourself becoming part of the act!


Americus - the Hula Hoop Whiz Kid
Photo Credit: courtesy of Loritz Circus

The star of the show and youngest by far at the tender age of 10 is Americus the Hula Hoop Whiz Kid. She plays “The Lost Girl” to a tee in the “Out of Africa” theme for the night. From an early age, Americus is no stranger to fame, as she was literally whisked away overnight to be featured on the Oprah Winfrey show at the age of 6, and made a name for herself on New Zealand’s Got Talent. This petite breath of fresh air whips those hula hoops around her slim figure with ease and dazzles the crowd with her big smile and performance. She is a born star, and I am touched by her aptitude and confidence on stage.

From go to whoa, each member of the troupe does their part to make sure that their guests are looked after and kept entertained.  The crowd whistle, they clap along, the parents and kids captivated by the performance.

There’s intermission time during the just under 2 hour extravaganza show. So at the start of the event or if you are feeling peckish halfway through, the canteen at the front has snacks to go with hot and cold drinks, fairy floss, or a sno-cone to keep your strength up for the show under the big tent.

Loritz Circus has travelled all the way from Queensland to reach Perth. Sue Wilson, organiser for the Loritz Circus tells me that this is the troupe’s first tour of Western Australia having performed their way through Kalgoorlie and other towns in WA to get here.

So will Americus “The Lost Girl” get found in the African jungle? You will have to find out for yourself by attending a Loritz Circus show!

Whether you are a small child or a big kid like myself, it’s an event to be enjoyed by all ages. Loritz Circus is in town till the 9th of December 2012.

More Details

The show will be on at Haynes Shopping Centre Armadale, till the 11th of November.

Then it moves on to Cannington Greyhounds, Albany Highway from the 14th of November to the 9th of December.

Note: There are no caged or exotic animals featured in this circus.

For more details about the Loritz Circus and to book tickets, check out their website.

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