Upcycle Exhibition and Sustainability Fair 2014



The 2014 Upcycle Exhibition is on this weekend on the 22nd and 23rd of February, held as part of the 2014 Perth Fringe World with support from the City of Subiaco and the Bannister Downs Dairy Farm.

“Beyond recycling,” Upcycling takes discarded resources and reincarnates them as tomorrow’s treasures. This unique event includes an exhibition of “repurposed” works by local artists, and is also known as the “Festival of re-imagining.”

Katrina Bercov, event organiser from Evolve Events says:

"For those who don’t know what Upcycling is, it is actually an addictive global trend, where old junk and waste, which would otherwise end up as landfill, is reincarnated into amazing, beautiful, and new creations!

This event is to showcase some of the fabolous work local Upcyclers are producing and inspire the community to give it a go themselves."


Sustainability Fair

The Sustainability Fair will have on display over 60 Artisan and eco stalls, with an exhibition of "repurposed" works and upcycling crafts by some of WA's best artists, tinkerers, designers, and creators. While many of the stalls will display Upcycled creations, the fair has also been expanded to offer other creations such as handmade, vintage and recycled goods, along with Fair Trade and eco products.

Take the opportunity to learn more about activities such as permaculture, worm farming, composting and food preserving, and to view alternative technology displays. And get tips on how best to recycle, where to find recycling centres, which resources online to tap into such as the Free Cycle community, and tips on exploring the best vintage and op shops in Perth.

On the entertainment side, check out the Junkadelic Pure Junk peformers and the Junkadelic Brass Band. The Junkadelic Pure Junk will perform with handmade instruments that have been constructed from materials from your local tip or from street verge collections. Whilst, the Junkadelic Brass Band are a jazz ensemble consisting of a sousaphone, trombone, trumpet and saxophone.


The Upcycle Exhibitions is a first for Perth to showcase the creative work of our local upcyclers.

How to Get There

Event Date: Saturday 22 February and Sunday, 23 February

The Upcycle Exhibition and Sustainability Fair will be held at Earthwise, 315 Bagot Rd in Subiaco. To get there by public transport, catch the train to the Subiaco Train Station which is on the Perth to Fremantle line, and Earthwise is a short walk from the train station.

For further information, visit the Upcycle Exhibition website.



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