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One of the perks of working in the Perth CBD, has got to be the coffee.  It’s one of the things I missed the most when I was on maternity leave, and has remained one of my motivators to getting up at the crack of dawn to get into work.   Over time, I’ve been taking recommendation after recommendation of where to grab the best coffee in Perth, and from this I’ve compiled my top 5.

1.     Velvet

172 St Georges Terrace (entry just off King Street)

Velvet is certainly the word that springs to mind the moment your tastebuds descend upon the smoothest of coffee treats proffered by this popular cafe located just off King St.   The blend is a gentle one; no hint of bitterness yet a strong enough taste to carry a hefty punch even through the milky splendour of a latte. Nestled in the quieter end of King St, this one is worth stepping away from the shops for.  If you've got time on your hands, the lunch menu offers a lovely variety of fresh flavours.  This is a great all rounder with friendly staff to boot.

2.    Ristretto

Central Arcade, 160 St Georges Terrace and 22 Howard Street, Perth

Unless you frequent the Central Arcade food court you may quite easily have never tried the delightful coffee offerings from Ristretto.  This is a hole in the wall take-away coffee outlet with only a limited range of food items.  Luckily, you come for the coffee, and then you keep coming back.   The dark nectar served here is full of flavour and not ideally suited for those seeking out a weak watered down coffee flavoured type beverage.  That said, the baristas are super friendly and I've seen them take the greatest of care over more special drink requests. So if a strong flavour isn't your cup of tea (no pun intended), ask for extra water and you'll be greeted with a genuine can-do approach to your beverage order. There’s nothing hit and miss about the coffee here and irrespective of which barista is serving you, you can be guaranteed of a coffee taste sensation.

3.    Tiger Tiger

4, 329 Murray Street, Perth

Another hidden gem in Perth based on its location on Murray Street which you could easily never come across.    In all my time in Perth I'd never walked past Tiger Tiger and thus never walked in, so it was only on a friend’s recommendation did I chance upon this delightful cafe.  Oh, how I had been missing out.  This is a great spot to truly savour your coffee, and whilst a take-away will provide you with a beverage to enjoy in a cheerfully decorated cup, the cafe itself is really charming and a great place to grab some lunch or simply mull over your cuppa whilst taking advantage of their free Wi-Fi.  This is another cafe that takes its coffee making seriously and time after time the coffee standard consistently hits the mark with perfectly roasted beans and not a hint of bitterness.  All this perfectly infused with creamy milk to provide you with a fantastic tasting coffee.  Every second Wednesday is Single Origin Day where Tiger Tiger will surprise your tastebuds with a new coffee blend that they think you'll enjoy.  Check out their website to see what treats are in store for future Single Origin Days, it certainly keeps it interesting.


4.    Rosso

89 St Georges Terrace, Perth

For those based in the Central Park area of the CBD, Rosso well caters for the hordes of workers needing a quick caffeine fix to start (or break up) their day.  Service is quick and with a smile and the coffee is nicely blended and suited to those wanting an easy-to-drink coffee beverage.  Baristas are long serving and you can become a regular here very easily, with staff proving very talented at remembering the orders and names of many a city local.  As an added bonus, there's a great range of snacks and refreshments on offer too.  My money has long been on the hot, toasted and buttered banana bread; delicious but truly addictive.

5.    Zekka

74 King Street, Perth

Famed not only for its coffee, but also for its offering of sizeable and delectable muffins.   Zekka, has a loyal following of those seeking a quiet refuge in the hustle and bustle of Perth’s CBD and of course a great coffee.  For the non Monday to Friday city worker, it’s also worth noting that this cafe opens its doors on a Saturday; a rarity with many other coffee spots in the CBD.     Staff are friendly and the baristas show an effortless ease in their coffee preparation.  If, like many of the regulars,  you want to spend some time sitting back and enjoying the quiet coolness of the surroundings, the staff will happily leave you to it; adding to the chilled out vibe of the place.  It’s a chic little place, oozing a decidedly unpretentious yet sophisticated ambience.  

Where’s your favourite coffee spot in Perth?  Do you know of any hidden gems that you can share with us? 

Here at Perth Walkabout we love hearing about the places you’ve been discovering. 

Don’t be shy, share the coffee love. Add your comments below.

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