Margaret River: Home To More Than Just World Class Wines


Mention Margaret River to a wine connoisseur and you will soon be hearing about the multitude of world class wines the region produces. Before wine, it was the world class waves that brought Margaret River international acclaim in the surfing circuit. Couple the wine and surfing with gourmet foods, natural wonders and excellent year round weather and you have a destination that’s sure to please.

Margaret River is located 268 km south of Perth. To get there you head south and stay near the coast. Depending on your available time you can stay on the major highways and make it in a little over three hours, or take your time and explore the many small roads and towns along the way.

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Get Away with a Perth Farm Stay


Many believe that you can never quite experience the “real” Western Australia unless you step outside the city and away from the coast.

It is true that the bulk of Western Australians live in Perth (about 1.7 million out of 2.3 million) and a great majority of the rest live in the regional coastal towns, but there are those that choose to live a different kind of existence, life on the land.

For travellers who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life for a while, experiencing this pastoral lifestyle in all its glory is a real option.

Farm stays offer the chance to get your hands dirty, work with animals, breathe in the Australian bush, take a hike and best of all, meet the locals who are working the land.

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Travel Western Australia - An Adventure from the Top End to Perth


Many travellers who fly to Perth often comment how they would love to travel Western Australia to see more of the State, but everything is so far that the thought of driving there and back in a short amount of time puts them off the idea. If you are one of those travellers, instead of making it a round trip consider making a one way exploration either coming or going from Perth. The two key things you’ll need is a car, preferably a four wheel drive to open up you opportunities in the various roads and national parks along the way, and a sense of adventure.

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Pemberton - A Land Of Forests, Gourmet Foods and Wine


Prepare to use all of your five senses when you visit Pemberton. What was once a small timber town has blossomed into a wonderful getaway. Located only 338 kilometres south of Perth, a visit to Pemberton could be a long day trip or a several days adventure. No matter how long you stay there is always plenty to do.

You’ll know you’re getting close to Pemberton when you find yourself surrounded by extensive forests of very tall trees. Pemberton is surrounded by several Karri forests. These impressive trees are only found in the south west region of Western Australia and are among the world’s tallest trees, growing as tall as 90 metres.

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Albany: A Top Spot by the Sea Set Amidst the Whoosh of the Wind Farm


The town of Albany, located on the south west coast of Western Australia, has grown up a lot these days. It was a relatively quiet seaside town a couple of decades ago. Today its township is bustling, as it continues to expand to meet the needs of its residents.

Getting to Albany is quite a straight forward journey. It takes around 4.5 to 5 hrs to drive there, and it is literally one straight road travelling along Albany Highway.

As a young kid growing up in Perth my family used to visit Albany during the long summer holidays, and we had a lot of fun doing holiday stuff such as enjoying the beautiful beaches, cooking up delicious meals, and exploring Albany's coast.

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