Hidden Earth: Three Parallels at the Zig Zag Gallery in Kalamunda



A three strong trio of local artists Jennifer Sadler, Jeannette Dyson and Sandy Tippett have joined forces to launch their latest art works. The  exhibition “Hidden Earth: Three Parallels” opens this Saturday 10 May, at the Zig Zag Gallery in Kalamunda.

The exhibition features new works in acrylic, oil, ochres, gold and pearl dust, mixed media and encaustic. Each artist is inspired by the landscape, interpreting it in their own unique style to convey their passion and connection to the landscape and to the viewer.

Last year, we featured Jennifer Sadler on Perth Walkabout with the launch of her Continuum Exhibition:  Colours of the South West – where her solo exhibition featured art works inspired by her travels around the coastal plains of the South West.

“I’m drawn to those ephemeral elements such as shifting light, shadows, and reflections. I don’t try to depict the landscape as I see it, but as it feels. Playing with nuances of colour and mark making I am able to walk into the memory of those landscape encounters.”

Whilst Jennifer Sadler has been inspired by the South West, the art works of Jeannette Dyson have been inspired by the landscape of the Kimberley region.

Jeannette Dyson first arrived in Perth as a young child from South Australia, and has spent over a decade in the Kimberley region, as well as spending time in the Pilbara and other parts of Australia such as the Northern Territory Kakadu. Her time there has inspired her to capture the unique landscape of the region through her art pieces with its distinctive colours and textures, and the unique flora and fauna of the North West.

She said, “In my paintings I seek to portray and celebrate the uniqueness of the Australian North, the spatial isolation and texture of the landscape in a contemporary interpretation. - I am acutely aware of all the influences that have formed my own identity – specifically that of the Kimberley.”

The third artist in the exhibition, Sandy Tippett has exhibited both locally and around the world. Sandy kicked off 2014 with her solo exhibition “Colour is Beautiful” at the Gallows Gallery in Mosman Park. Both the North West, the South West and the Indian Ocean have been the inspiration for her art pieces.

Her paintings have transpired from many 4WD camping trips that her husband and herself have been on to explore the beautiful landscape that Western Australia offers.

She said: “I love to absorb everything the land holds, from the expansive landscape to pristine beaches, soaking up the colours and form throughout the North West and South West – all a wonderful source of inspiration for me.”

Head on down to the Zig Zag gallery for the Hidden Earth: Three Parallels art exhibition which is on from the 10th May until the 25 May 2014. The Zig Zag Gallery is located at 50 Railway Road, Kalamunda and further information can be obtained by contacting the Zig Zag Cultural Centre on 9257 9998 or by visiting their website.

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