Eat Local When You’re Dining Out in Perth


Some days you just don’t feel like cooking or doing the dishes afterwards. You decide you’re going to eat out. But where is an eco-conscious consumer to go that will give them a good meal and still support their efforts for a more sustainable world? You’re in luck.

Below I’ve compiled a list of several restaurants that source many, if not all, their ingredients from local producers around Perth and Western Australia.

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Favourite Cheap Eats in the Perth City


You’re exploring downtown in the Perth city, discovering the laneways, the historic buildings and the multitude of shopping options, when your stomach begins to rumble. Don’t let your hunger make you grumpy and ruin a good day. There are lots of great dining options in the Perth city to suit everyone’s budgets and tastes.

The cost of eating can vary dramatically depending on where you are in the city and if you go to a restaurant or food hall. Typically the more traffic a street experiences, the more expensive the food along the way. There are still good deals to be had along the main drags, but if you wander a block or two away from the crowds you will find the number of cheap eats increases dramatically. A lot of these places look a little obscure, but head in and you’ll often find good food that fills you up without emptying your wallet.

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Painting the Town Pink at Pink Zulu in Cottesloe


When you look out west from Cottesloe Beach the next major landmass is South Africa, a temptingly exotic destination but unfortunately a bit too far to swim. Most Perthites can’t just hop over the 8,000km of ocean to KwaZulu-Natal when we fancy a nightlife safari at the weekend. So it was with delight that I discovered that the Pink Zulu Restaurant and cocktail lounge in Cottesloe, Perth is bringing Africa to us.

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Delicious Meals at the To To Vietnamese Restaurant


To To Vietnamese Restaurant in Vic Park, Perth has always been one of my favourite restaurants to visit when I am craving Vietnamese food. I believe that this restaurant has a great atmosphere, with good quality food at an affordable price. Read on to find out what delights the To To Vietnamese Restaurant has to offer.

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Eating Out at Hillarys Boat Harbour, Sorrento Quay


One of the most popular northern coastal spots of Perth is the Hillarys Boat Harbour, Sorrento Quay and its ever-expanding collection of restaurants, cafes and bars makes it an ideal place for a lazy afternoon drink or a tasty lunch or dinner, often overlooking the water or at least with the chance to have a stroll past all the boats after your meal. Recent extensions mean that there are even more interesting eating spots to choose from.

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