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Like most major cities in Australia, Perth is a very diverse metropolis.

The state capital of Western Australia attracts plenty of international tourists (700,000 overseas visitors in 2011), as well as expatriates and immigrants.

Most recent arrivals originate from other English-speaking countries, such as New Zealand, South Africa, and the UK, and from an array of Asian countries.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that nearly 50% of all people in Perth don’t speak English at home: they prefer their native languages instead.

There are several reasons for Perth’s popularity.

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Musings on Living in Perth


I have lived in Perth for all of my 22 years, which in theory should make me an expert on it. But what is the essence of this city? Are we Dullsville, in the glorious state of Wait Awhile? The City of Lights? The Swan River Colony? I decided to test what my social networks would say when I posted this:

“Living in Perth – Discuss.”

“Discussion over,” one of my friends, another lifelong Perthian, sarcastically retorted.

“Wish I still was,” replied a friend in Adelaide who had spent a few months in Perth.

“Needs different things, seems every weekend is the same,” mused another.

“It’s actually kind of like Melbourne, only smaller and with better transport surprisingly,” added a now-Brisbane-based friend.

 So what does all this mean?

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Living in Perth

This section of Perth Walkabout is dedicated to providing handy tips and useful information for those new to living in Perth.

Perth Walkabout extends a warm welcome to those new to Perth!

Welcome to the sunny and windy capital of Perth, Western Australia.

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Other Perth Cities

Have you reached the right Perth?

Welcome to Perth, Western Australia!

Perth is renown for being one of the most remote and windiest cities in the world.

Located by the beautiful Swan River, Perth is the capital of Western Australia, the largest State in Australia by land area.

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Free Wifi in Perth

Tap into Free Perth Wifi Hotspot as you have your Caffeine Fix

With free wireless and hotspots all the rage, the windy capital of Perth, Western Australia is no exception as the demand for free wifi and local public hotspots increases.  Some cafes in Perth have heeded the call for free wifi in their cafes. And why not? Quite a relaxing idea to tap into free wifi as you have your caffeine fix in the surrounds of a comfortable café.

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