Swimming with the Dolphins in Rockingham - Up, Close and Personal


The day had finally arrived for my swim with the dolphins adventure, and the Perth weather was perfect – a bright and sunny day with not a cloud in the sky. 

My adventure with the dolphins started in darkness however, as I had set my alarm clock for an early wake up call; to get to my pick up point before 7am. My chosen pick up point was the Wellington Street Coach Tourist Stand in the Perth CBD.

For those who have not been to the Tourist Stand in the city, it is located between William Street and Queen St on the bus port side of Wellington Street. Look out for the prominent sign Wellington Street Coach Tourist Stand next to the glass bus shelter. You can’t miss it!

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Great Outdoors

Great Outdoors

This section is dedicated to covering the great outdoors in Perth.

Featured articles include Kings Park - our premier park in the city, the Point Fraser Westlands - located on the Swan river foreshore only a few steps away from the Perth CBD, the fabulous Hyde Park situated at the backdoor of Northbridge and many more exciting places to explore.

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Western Australia’s Wildflowers are Blooming Charming



Wildflowers in all their natural beauty have long been depicted in art, photography and literature. One need only look to the impressionists like Monet and Renoir for great examples of their charm.

Western Australia is synonymous with wildflowers and for several months every year the rain and sun transform what is some of the harshest landscape in the world into Mother Nature’s own garden.

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Kalamunda Circuit Photos Part Two

Following on from the article on Kalamunda Circuit, featured below are a series of photos showing interesting things captured during the walk.

As you walk the Kalamunda Circuit, you will pass through a mixture of flora including Eucalypts, Dryandra, Grass trees, Acacias and Banksias. For those with an interest in flora, you should be able to spot some colourful wildflowers and other interesting flora on your walk.

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Sand Bar, Sun, and Sport at Point Walter


If you’re looking for a fun or relaxing day out with family and friends, it’s worth paying a visit to Point Walter Reserve. Spanning about a third of the southern riverside suburb of Bicton, Point Walter has something to offer people of all ages.

When I arrived on the foreshore at Point Walter to take advantage of the pleasantly warm weather, I was greeted with a tantalising aroma emanating from the barbeque.

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