Travel Essay: Seagulls and Cruise Liners at the Geraldton Marina


Geraldton has undergone dramatic change over the past decade. The once sleepy agricultural town 420 kilometres north of Perth is now a thriving city at the centre of the Midwest mining boom.

Since rerouting the train line from the beachfront, the cityscape has been revitalised. The once industrial landscape now has a fantastic children’s playground and waterpark as well as wide grassed areas with shaded tables dotting the foreshore.

A five minute stroll North past the Dome café along a winding seaside path, is the new marina. During the summer it is a popular stop off for cruise ships on their way up and down the coast.

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Karijini - The Crowning Jewel of the Pilbara


Karijini National Park (formerly know as Hamersley Range) is one of Western Australia’s most spectacular parks, and at 6274 square kilometres, it is the second largest in size only to Karlamilyi National Park.

Based in the heart of the Pilbara region some 1200 km north of the capital Perth, Karijini National Park offers visitors rugged gorges, waterfalls, plunge pools, walking trails of various levels and a red beauty that is distinctly north-west Australian.

The Pilbara is generally known as the mining hub of the west, but as the locals will proudly tell you, there is so much more to see than open-cut mines.

Situated just north of the Tropic of Capricorn, the best time to visit Karijini is in the late autumn, winter and early spring when the days are clear and warm.

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Walking with the Gormley Statues on Lake Ballard


The legendary artist, sculptor, and modern designer has struck again. Anthony Gormley has caused another stir, but this time in Western Australia. His eerie mark on the salt flats of Lake Ballard not far from the Western Australian town of Menzies attracts thousands of contemporary art lovers every year and is sure to continue to do so into the future.

The 51 life sized black steel statues are spread across Lake Ballard salt lake and were an initiative of the Perth International Arts Festival in 2005 to celebrate the the 50th anniversary of the Arts Festival. Visitors to the site can take in the smells and eerie quietness of the Ballard goldfield, and drive along the Golden Quest Discovery Trail to the historic ghost towns and tourist sites of Kalgoorlie.

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Geraldton Guarantees to Blow Your Socks Off


Visit Geraldton and you will be blown away; literally.

Considered Australia’s kite and windsurfing capital, the city is the gateway to Western Australia's mid west and is often the first major port of call for travellers heading north of the capital.

Located just over 400 km from Perth, Geraldton is also the starting point for those wishing to explore the beautiful Abrolhos Islands which lay 60 km off the coast. Perched proudly on the coastline with sweeping view of the Indian Ocean, it is bordered by rivers and ranges and has long been a popular holiday destination for West Australians and tourists alike.

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Five Top Places to Visit in Western Australia


If you are travelling to or live in Perth and would like to venture outside of the capital city,here are five top places to visit in Western Australia (WA).

In a state that is larger in size than Western Europe, it pays to plan ahead and work out how much time you have up your sleeve, how you want to travel (driving the length of the state can take days) and what you would like to do when you get there.

Here are just some of WA’s many tourist attractions:

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