La Soirée at Fringe World 2019

Ben Lewis, La Soiree at Fringe World Perth 2019
Photo Credit: Prudence Upton

“It's not how big it is, it's what you do with it that matters” - never has that cliche been demonstrated so wickedly well as when the performers of La Soirée take to the stage.

After braving the summer rain while waiting in line at the Ice Cream Factory, we were already a little bit wet before the show even started! And in typical raunchy La Soirée fashion, it wasn't long before the audience were fully lubricated both inside and out.

The first thing that always strikes me when I first arrive at a La Soirée performance is the tiny size of the circus ring – it always seems impossible to swing a cat let alone a human being on that little red circle. But swing they do, and tumble, sway, glide, lift, throw and roll to boot.

The second thing is the audience themselves – the absence of little kiddiewinks is more than made up for by the number of silver foxes in the audience demonstrating that there is indeed life after 60. La Soirée really is for the mature! But regardless of age, everybody arriving was looking happy and excited at the prospect of two hours of the finest modern cabaret performers strutting their stuff.

We had been promised a whole new line up for 2019, and La Soirée certainly delivered on that promise, with the welcome exception of Lily Martinez and her trademark red hanky – which got around even more than usual last night! La Soirée has always managed to showcase a wide variety of performers and acts, and this year proved to be no exception. Words can't do justice to what it is like to be sitting close enough to reach out and touch a performer as they perform a dangerous and jaw dropping feat of strength and skill. Just remember, if you are close enough to touch them, they are close enough to touch you too! Consider that a fair warning for those sitting in the front seats.

You'll see puppets, poles, swords, straps, wheels, costumes and chairs make an appearance throughout the night. But La Soirée is all about the people, not the props. These are men and women at the top of their game, giving it their all in front of a rapturous crowd.

Finally, while I always enjoy all the acts on display every time I see La Soirée, I'd like to give a little shout out to the two Wills – Will Meager on the huge Cyr Wheel, and Will Underwood with his Chinese pole routine – you guys were especially awesome! Oh yes, and my partner would like to give her seal of approval to Ben Lewis – the strapping young man bringing his sexy soarings to the stage.

Welcome back to Perth La Soirée, see you same time next year?

La Soirée is showing at the Ice Cream Factory until 3 March as part of Fringe World Perth.

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