Perth Table Tennis Club Launches!


Anyone for a game of table tennis in Perth?

We’ve all at one stage or another played a game of ping pong in our garage, and competed with our family and friends. If you are interested to play table tennis in a social setting, then come and have a hit at the Perth Table Tennis Club.

The new Perth Table Tennis Club will open its door this Tuesday 14 June and all in Perth are welcome to come and enjoy a game or two of table tennis.

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Dog Parks in Perth – Where to Take your Dog for Exercise?


Are you looking for the locations of dog parks in Perth?

If you have a dog in Perth, you may be on the lookout for the locations of enclosed or fenced dog exercise parks to take your pooch for some exercise and socialisation.

Here are some of the enclosed dog parks in Perth that we know about that you can bring your dog to for some exercise:

One of the few enclosed dedicated dog parks in Perth – dog owners from far and wide around Perth bring their dogs to the Inglewood Dog Park in Mt Lawley to have a good run around and exercise, and to socialise with other pooches.


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Seeking Sun Salutes or The Hundred: Yoga and Pilates in Perth


Over the last decade, yoga and Pilates have becoming increasingly popular as a form of exercise and personal enrichment. Here in Perth, there are numerous studios offering a wide range of styles that run the gamete from traditional to more modern or fusion.

If you are new to either yoga or Pilates (especially Pilates), you’ll want to sign up for an introductory session to ensure you’re using proper alignment as well as correct breathing techniques. An introductory class will also help protect you from many of the common injuries new practitioners acquire due to poor technique or pushing further than they should. 

Before you decide on a studio, you need to decide if you want to pursue yoga or Pilates.

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Exercise at a Local Park in Perth


As I tend to spend a fair amount of time outdoors catching some sunshine, walking in parks, and just strolling along the foreshore, I’ve noticed that the Government has installed exercise machines in just about every park around Perth.

Everywhere I turn I see these machines scattered around the walking paths – Hyde Park in Perth, Bayswater recreational reserves, South Perth foreshore, East Perth, Mt Lawley, and in Perth across from the Mounts Bay Waters Apartment Hotels - you can’t miss them.

So if you’re looking to incorporate some exercise into your daily routine, these exercise stations are available 24 x 7.

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Best Fishing Destinations in Perth, WA


So finally you have taken the call- chosen Perth to be your next fishing destination. Good decision.  But let me tell you at the very onset that if indeed you are coming down here, the warmer months from April to March is good fishing time, not that Perth will disappoint you any other time of the year. The weather is just perfect for early morning and twilight outing. The man made rock formations, beautiful white sandy beaches and the reef systems has given Perth some amazing fishing hot spots. Here are some fabulous spots where you would definitely want to wet your line.

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