Festival in the Wood in Inglewood


It has been a feast of community events in the past few months with many recent markets and street festivals held in the suburbs of Inglewood and Maylands.

This weekend on Sunday 15th May sees the “Festival in the Wood” take place in Inglewood between 10th Avenue and Dundas Street behind De Vine Cellars during the lovely season of autumn.

We can look forward to a celebration of all things that make Inglewood unique with the event featuring a range of foodie stalls, arts and craft, live music, wine tasting, roller skate demos and more.

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Events in Perth for November 2014


Looking for something to do around Perth and surrounds this November?

You know there's never a reason to be bored in this great city of ours.

There's something for everyone this November, whether you're into arts and culture, sports or books. Catch a few plays, go to a music concert.

Why not plan a few family outings to enjoy the warmer temperatures and fresh summer air?

Perth Walkabout presents a sneak peak of upcoming Perth events in November, 2014:

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Improv Club is Two Jabs and a Right Hook and More


Did someone say Improv Club is on?!

Just Improvise brings to audiences in Perth two exciting events for the months of July and August.

One is the Improv Club, and the other is JUMP, a one-day improv initiation masterclass.

Learn the 3 rules of Improv Club or else...Improv Club is two jabs and a right hook, straight right, uppercut, roundhouse of unpredictable, hard-hitting, gritty, uncompromising, unscripted theatre in three acts - in a cabaret setting.


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Ben & Jerry's Open Air Cinemas in Perth


Ben & Jerry’s Open Air Cinemas has kicked off its first season at its open air location in the Perth CBD, with the cinemas already proving popular at other locations around Australia. We headed off to the city for the evening with snacks and picnic rugs in tow and got to the open air cinemas early, looking forward to watch the romance About Time, from Richard Curtis, the same person who brought us Four Weddings and a Funeral, Bridget Jones’ Diary and Love Actually.

The location of the open air cinemas is on the corner of Plain Street and Riverside Drive, and you can either purchase your tickets online in advance, or book on the night.

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