WAAPA Program of Events in March 2014


The launch of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (better known by its abbreviation WAAPA) program of events for 2014 is drawing near. Discover what’s in store for us in the coming months with a round up of WAPAPA events starting with the month of March:

Beach is the quintessential Australian play – a story of an Australian beach, from sunrise to sunset. Written by Timothy Daly and Directed by Michael McCall, Beach is a journey through events that have shaped our National dreams as well as nightmares. The play will be performed by second year Music theatre students and will run from the 14th to 20th of March.

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Summerset Arts Festival 2014 at Scarborough Beach


On its 6th year, the Summerset Arts Festival in the Scarborough Beach area is off and running till the 8th of February. On offer are a fantastic range of live music, comedy, theatre, visual arts, and children’s events to participate in, brought to us by the City of Stirling.

To get you in the festive feel, here are some of the highlights and main events for this year’s Summerset Arts Festival.

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Boost and Deuce by Just Improvise


Just Improvise has introduced two courses for everyone, namely Boost and Deuce. Boost is a course for young kids, whilst Deuce is running mainly for adults. Are you ready for some learning? Read on to learn more about these courses.

We all want to focus and create positive attitudes and somehow destroy the negative ones. Furthermore, we all have an inner critic. The voice that questions, "What if something goes wrong?" Going into the New Year, it's time to retrain your thinking and to make that inner voice work for you – not against you.

It's time for a BOOST!

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Flood by Black Swan State Theatre Company


Black Swan State Theatre Company kicked off its season of plays for 2014 with the premier of Flood. The play is also being performed as part of the World Fringe Festival.

Flood was written by Chris Isaacs and is directed by Adam Mitchell, who also brought us The Mother Fucker with the Hat at the same time last year. The play is an initiative of the Black Swan Lab, which is a collaboration of emerging artists.

The mood of the play is light hearted to begin with – a group of 6 twenty-something close friends heading up north from Perth to have a much anticipated camping holiday over the Christmas season. The atmosphere is relaxed and carefree and as friends do, there is lots of laughter, joking and teasing back and forth.

As is the case when close friends who know each other well get together, you can enjoy yourselves without a lot of pretence and be able to drop your guard. Then a tragic accident occurs unexpectedly which stops the group in the middle of their tracks.

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Fringe World Perth 2014


Fringe World in Perth officially kicked off last Friday on the 24th January with a blast and will run through to the 23rd February 2014.

There are over 450 different performances to choose from including comedy, theater, and cabaret performances through to circus act, and visual arts.

Head to the Perth Cultural Centre where you'll find the pop up venues for events, relax in the Urban Orchard on a balmy summer evening or check out The Pleasure Garden in Russell Square.

Here are some of the highlights of upcoming events at Fringe World in Perth this year:

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