Kalbarri - A Family Favourite on the Coral Coast


Situated on Western Australia’s Coral Coast, the small fishing town of Kalbarri has been a holiday favourite with the locals for many years.

By locals I mean West Australians.

Many of my friends who grew up with me in the south west would head north to Kalbarri every year for the traditional family holiday.

In Australian terms, it is an easy distance from Perth – only 590 km or about six hours of driving.

It remains a favourite today so it must be doing something right!

Kalbarri is a small coastal town with year-round sunny weather and a laid-back feel to it that changes to a general buzz when the holiday season arrives. It pays to book in advance and get in early if you are planning to travel there in peak season.

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7 Things to Do and See in Margaret River


Margaret River is the apple of Western Australia’s eye. Not only is it world-renowned for its top wineries and fine dining restaurants and cafes, but it is also famous for its surf, beaches and breathtaking natural attractions. Therefore, your trip to Western Australia won’t be complete if you don’t stop at Margaret River.
If you’re looking for a reason to tempt you to visit the area, here are seven things which you should see or do at least once in Margaret River.

1.    Mammoth Cave –There are hundreds of caves near Margaret River, but the one that stands out the most is Mammoth Cave. The cave is divided into multiple chambers, each of which contained fossils as old as 35,000 years. Other factors which make the Mammoth Cave special are a self-guided audio tour and partial disabled access.

2.    Leeuwin Estate –Leeuwin Estate is one of the top wineries in the Margaret River region. Previously a cattle station, the 121 acres of vineyards produce over 60,000 cases of wine every year.

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Valley of the Giants - Walpole, Tree Top Walk, and Red Tingle Trees


Have you ever strolled through a forest and wondered what it would be like to be one of the animals living in the canopy? How it would feel to be so high above the ground. What kind of view you would have. If you’ve ever found yourself wishing you could climb the nearest tree and discover the forest tree tops, then you need to head to the Valley of the Giants.

The Valley of the Giants is located southeast of Perth in the Walpole-Nornalup National Park between Denmark and Walpole.  Its main attraction is the Tree Top Walk, which takes visitors up to 40 metres above the forest floor. For those afraid of heights, the Ancient Empire Walk is a good option.

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Exmouth - The Northern Gateway to Ningaloo Reef


Exmouth is considered one of Western Australia’s top tourist destinations as it is home to the famous Ningaloo Reef, has magnificent marine wildlife, raw landscape and is warm for most of the year.

Ningaloo Reef stretches approximately 260 km from Coral Bay in the south to Exmouth in the north and takes in 5,000 square km of ocean amass with tropical fish, whales, turtles and coral.

The reef is so popular because you can snorkel and dive straight from the beach without having to take a boat ride out to the deep.

Travellers to Perth who are short on time would be best to fly to Exmouth as it is located 1270 km north of the city. The flight is around two hours. However, if you do have time to drive, you would need to allow two days as there is plenty to see along the way.

The town of Exmouth is growing and each time I go there I am amazed with just how much.

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There's No Water at Wave Rock


The first thing that you need to know if you are planning to visit Wave Rock in Western Australia is that there is no beach sand or surf involved.

A friend of mine tells a great story about meeting four young international tourists when they stopped to refuel at a petrol station he was working at not far from the rock.

They had surfboards tied to the roof of their car and when he asked where they were planning to surf so far from the coast they replied “Wave Rock”. He had to set them straight and after they got over their initial shock and embarrassment, he reassured them that it was still well worth the visit despite the lack of swell and beach babes.

Wave Rock is actually 350 km east of the coastal city of Perth near the outback town of Hyden and is one of Australia’s most famous landforms.

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