Lingui - Sacred Bonds at Perth Festival


Rihane Khalil Alio (as Maria) and Achouackh Abakar (as Amina)
Photo Credit: Lingui - Sacred Bonds

On a balmy summer evening, my friend and I headed to UWA Somerville to watch Lingui – Sacred Bonds as part of the Perth Festival movie season.

The story line of Lingui – Sacred Bonds is simple enough – teenage Maria gets pregnant and wants an abortion and once her mother Amina finds out, she tries to help her daughter navigate the system to get it done.

But simple would definitely not be the appropriate word to use in this context – where the religious and social structures underpinning what is deemed proper conduct and behaviour are less than straightforward as Amina and Maria face challenge after challenge in a country where abortion is illegal and considered immoral.

Though the film was a slow burn at times, what kept me riveted to the screen was the amazing cinematography. With its vivid and sharp potrayals, the film brought to life the city of N'djamena - the capital of Chad, Africa – its relentless dust, traffic and tedium of making a living – all whilst bringing to the fore the intricate inner world and dialogue of the main characters.

The women walking the dusty streets looking so smartly dressed in their colourful dresses whilst elegantly carrying those funky looking wire stoves made from the scrap metal of recycled old tyres provided a unique juxtaposition of perspectives.

Sacred bonds they truly are – as we watched a community of women forge strong and resilient bonds to help Amina and Maria through their very difficult circumstances.

Director and Writer Mahamat-Saleh Haroun is a master storyteller and his deft touch is second to none in portraying the struggles of these women in this beautiful movie about the power of the human spirit and the resilience and strength of community.

Lingui – Sacred Bonds is showing under the majestic pines of the UWA Somerville until this Sunday 12 December.

Oh...and I nearly forgot to mention - make your night complete by pre-ordering a pizza from Charlies Pizza for some sustenance. My vote is still for the outstanding field mushroom topping.

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