The Climb at Luna


Kyle Marvin (as Kyle), Michael Angelo Covino (as Mike)
Photo Credit: The Climb

A portmanteau of the words brother and romance.

= bromance

That is the subject matter of the contemporary American movie "The Climb", which follows the friendship between Kyle and Mike who have been best friends since high school.

They enjoy each other's company and are pretty tight until the shit hits the fan over Kyle’s fiancee.

Throughout the movie, there are some laugh out loud moments as well as some serious issues on hand, as the two key characters grapple with the complexities of adult life.

Relationships and friendships are the lifeblood of what makes life worthwhile and “The Climb” poses the challenging question of when is the time to call a friendship quits?

The Climb’s storyline of a bromance gone wrong provides a unique angle on friendships. The narrative is believable and sometimes groan worthy, reflective of and a credit to the two lead actors who co-wrote the script.

If you are up for a slightly offbeat film with some belly laughs along the way and a healthy dose of friendship and relationship challenges, then The Climb will be a good pick for movie goers.

It opens at Luna Leederville on the 29 October.

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