Diving in for an Underwater View of Perth WA


Most Australian kids grow up with their own goggle and snorkel set, and have an appreciation for the underwater world that surrounds this vast state of ours.

My diving experience has never gone beyond snorkelling so whilst researching material for this article I was surprised to learn just how many dive sites there are in Western Australia for both the novice and the more serious adventurers, river and ocean included.

If you are only in Perth for a short visit and would like to take a look underwater Down Under, there are a few local and easily-accessible options close to the city starting with the Swan River.

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Popular Perth Playgrounds to Visit with the Kids


We are lucky in Western Australia to have a lot of space around us and a city that is filled with playgrounds for children to run free.

Whether it is holiday time or you just need the kids to get outside for a breath of fresh air, playgrounds are a fun and free way to entertain the family.

It would be safe to say that most suburbs in Perth have a large number of playgrounds to choose from, including the city centre. You may have your favourite and if so, we would love to here all about it.

Here are some playgrounds that have been favourites in my family in the past and that you may want to consider the next time you are looking for some kid-friendly activities that won’t break the bank and will give you a break at the same time!

Let’s start at Kings Park which is located on the western edge of the city centre. Along with a thousand acres of parkland to explore, the park has some wonderful playgrounds for active kids.

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Surf Lifesavers are not just Bronzed Bods in Budgie Smugglers


Visitors to Australia have usually come across surfing of some degree in their own country or in their travels, but surf lifesaving may be a whole new ball game.

Surf lifesaving is not just about bronzed bods in budgie smugglers paddling about in the surf but is an Australian institution which began over one hundred years ago in 1906, some nine years before surfing was introduced to our shores from Hawaii.

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Cricket Culture in the West


In summer, cricket is a favourite pastime of many people in Australia. Be it cheering on a favourite team or player, competing for a local club, or just playing a casual game in the backyard or on the beach, it has become a part of Australia’s culture and national identity.

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Cool Down, Warm Up or Work Out at Perth's Aquatic Centres


Australia is a nation where learning to swim often comes before learning to walk.

It seems to makes sense when most of the population lives on the coast and backyard swimming pools are a dime a dozen.

If you don’t have ready access to the beach or your very own spa or pool in the backyard, then why not head to one of Perth’s aquatic centres that are spread around the city?

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