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One Fine Morning at Luna


On a coolish Monday evening, my partner and I headed to Luna Leederville on Oxford Street to watch the much awaited movie One Fine Morning (Un Beau Batin) starring Léa Seydoux (as Sandra).

The plot follows the story of Sandra’s life – holding a career as a translator, a single Mum with a young daughter and visiting her ailing elderly father Georg (Pascal Greggory) on a regular basis. Her love life is non existent until she reconnects with old friend Clément (Melvil Poupaud) and a passionate affair blossoms, with the added complication that he is married with a young son.

Director Mia Hansen-Løve’s semi-autobiographical movie is reflective, portraying the fragilities of life and the passage of the generations through the cycle of birth and death.

Léa Seydoux is effervescent in this role

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Olivier Tarbaga - A Story of Migration by WA Indian Dancers


As I took off my shoes to step into the Saraswati Mahavidhayala Centre for Performing Arts & Education,  I was struck by the colourful artwork on the walls -  I felt like I was entering a special sacred space.

It brought me back to a time when I used to dine at the Annalakshmi restaurant (on The Esplanade) when the lifts would go up to the restaurant and you would be transported to a magical world of Indian artwork and pieces.

This evening I was to watch the showing of local young Indian classical dancers who had been working on new works with the renowned New York Based West African Dancer / Choreographer / storyteller Olivier Tarbaga.

The 8 young dancers up on stage were lithe and agile.

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Things I Know to be True by Black Swan State Theatre Company


My partner and I sat in the gorgeous Heath Ledger Theatre amidst a packed house for the opening night of Black Swan State Theatre Company’s Things I know to be True.

An Aussie family with 4 kids, living in the burbs of Booragoon, just going about their daily lives, the family members sometimes bickering – but more or less a happy family – with the young adult children busy with work and their love lives and the parents heading towards an empty nest.

That is the premise of Things I know to be True. Though as events start to unfurl we get swept into a storm cloud of seemingly unexpected and uncontrollable events. Each character cleverly narrates their unique perspective and inner thoughts and feelings on what is going on in their life.

Dramatic and poised to ignite like a lit fuse on a stick of dynamite ...


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Bleeding Tree by Black Swan State Theatre Company


I was eagerly awaiting another visit to the State Theatre Centre of WA – one of my favourite places in Perth.

This time I was headed down to Studio Underground to watch The Bleeding Tree by Black Swan State Theatre Company.

The stark, minimalist set with white painted lattice work on all three sides from top to bottom was all that met the audience as we waited for the play to begin.

The shadowy effects of the lattice created a slightly eerie effect...exuding silence and nothingness. A small thought bubble came up in my mind – I wonder what is going to happen?

This was my first time seeing The Bleeding Tree – it was last performed back in 2021 at The Blue Room Theatre.

This adaptation by Black Swan State Theatre Company did not disappoint. 

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Sweet As at Luna


On a sunny Saturday morning, I walked down Oxford St to Luna Leederville to watch Sweet As - the debut feature film by Nyul Nyul / Yawuru Director Jub Clerc.

I was especially looking forward to watching this movie - being a locally made film and set within the spectacular and stunning landscape of the Kimberley region. I had missed catching it at the opening night of the WA Made Film Festival.

The movie revolves around the coming of age story of Murra (Shantae Barnes-Cowan) as she battles the challenges of young adult life – with her mother being constantly absent due to drugs and partying.

Her Uncle Tom (a policeman) sends her off reluctantly on a youth photography trip for at risk young adults, knowing her keen interest in photography.


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Dean Misdale - Life's a Drag at Fringe Perth


From the opening bars of P!nk's “Get the Party Started”, the audience at Dean Misdale's Life's a Drag knew that they were in for a good time. And party we did, with only a brief pause here and there for a costume change or two (of course!) and to let in a couple of apologetic latecomers to the show.

Having first caught Dean on stage at the covid-decimated Cabaret Festival at His Majesty in 2021, my partner and I were looking forward to a booster shot of Dean's fabulous vocals and glam style. We were not to be disappointed...

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Moulin Rouge! The Musical at Crown Theatre


Truth, beauty, freedom, love…..

I gazed thoughtfully at these empowering words which were emblazoned on the walls of the Crown Theatre as I waited for my better half to join me.

We entered the magical world of the theatre whose stage had been totally transformed for Moulin Rouge! The Musical.

The stage glittered with enormous throbbing patterned hearts, and as we gazed around with curiosity on our left was Moulin Rouge's trademark red windmill and to our right a wise elephant was looking down on us.

We were ready for the show to begin!

And it did – as the line up of star studded performers with their flashy sequined numbers and sexy alluring cabaret outfits made their languid grand entrance up on the stage.

The storyline starts simply enough - boy meets girl...and how complicated could it be to have a happily ever after ending ??!!  


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