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Gagarine at Perth Festival


Teenager Yuri is on a quest to save his housing estate from being blown up.

That is the theme of the multi award winning French movie “Gagarine”.

Living under challenging circumstances every day, he dreams to launch into space - taking inspiration from his namesake Yuri Gagarin who was the first cosmonaut to launch into space back in 1961.

Directors Fanny Liatard and Jérémy Trouilh depict life on a social housing estate with stark reality as well as conveying the aspirations, mood and turmoil of Yuri’s inner life perfectly.

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Sweat at Perth Festival


What has the world come to when success is measured by the number of followers that we have on Instagram?

Sylwia – a young and beautiful fitness motivator celeb on Instagram has 600,000 followers.

So one might be led to believe that being in the shoes of Sylwia as a social media influencer is glamorous and fun and a total blast right?

Swedish director and writer Magnus von Horn explores the topic of social media with vigour,  providing a provocative and at times hard hitting peek beneath the gloss into the pressures and challenges of being a prominent social media star.

We follow three days in the life of Sylwia – exploring her symbiotic relationship with her fans, whose adoration she needs for validation as much as they rely on her for motivation.

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Supernova at Perth Festival


Like a supernova in the sky, Sam and Tucker’s long time committed relationship as a gay couple is ablaze with lots of special magical moments reflecting their shared history.

Their loving existence is suddenly shattered by Tucker’s diagnosis of dementia.

They embark on a road trip to see family and friends, painfully aware of their precious limited time together due to the rapid deterioration of Tucker’s condition.

Colin Firth (Sam) and Stanley Tucci (Tucker) do an amazing job of portraying the intimacy and complexity of long term relationships.

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Do I Look Like I Care at Fringe Perth


After fighting my way through the heavy Fringe World opening night traffic, which resulted in a faraway parking spot and a dash through the Perth Cultural Centre, I snuck into Rehearsal Room 1 at the State Theatre Centre at 8.01pm to watch Do I Look Like I Care? - a love letter to the people in the world of nursing and care.

I nearly had a panic attack there and then, since instead of a comedy about nursing, I was watching an aerobics warm up session – oops, wrong rehearsal room perhaps?

But no, it turns out I was in the right place after all, and as I cooled down the performers finished their warm up and launched into the show.

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Ammonite at Luna


Career or love ? - which would you choose?

Women in the 19th century did not have many options in their romantic lives, let alone their choice of a career.

Ammonite - Francis Lee’s latest film – examines the role of women in Victorian England, and will hit the screens soon at Luna Palace Cinemas.

Set in the UK in the 1850’s, Ammonite is a powerful story of love with a few interesting twists along the way.

Mary Anning is a middle aged, single lady who lives with her mother and is immersed in her career as an avid paleontologist. She wanders the cliffs of Dorset by day searching for rare fossils of ammonites and other creatures, having gained a reputation in scientific circles for being one of the best in the field, though she has been credited with little recognition because of her sex.

Ammonite is breathtakingly beautiful both for its rugged coastal scenery and the intense on screen interplay between the two main leads in Mary Anning (Kate Winslet) and Charlotte Murchison (Saoirse Ronan).

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Antoinette in the Cevennes at Perth Festival


Love for a man...

Love for a donkey...

what could go wrong?!

Perth Festival’s movie this week at UWA Somerville Theatre is "Antoinette in the Cevennes", a delightful feel good movie about the pursuit of a lover (a man) and an unexpected love that grows with an animal companion !

Antoinette takes a multi day hike in the Cevennes hoping to bump into her lover who has gone on holidays with his wife and daughter (whom also happens to be one of Antoinette’s school students).

With much laughter, we follow Antoinette on her hilarious adventures – meeting her companion on the hike – Patrick the donkey, and her fellow hikers who are only too interested in Antoinette’s love life!

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Revelation Perth International Film Festival is on!


It’s all happening at the 23rd annual Revelation Perth International Film Festival this week with over 30 features,  documentaries and short films being presented in our beautiful city to celebrate independent filmmakers from around the world.

Here are Perth Walkabout’s top picks at the Revelation Perth International Film Festival this weekend:  

" A Worm in the Heart - Paul Rice and Liam Jackson Montgomery travel across Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railway, stopping at six cities en route to meet and interview members of the LGBTQ+ communities. Through these deeply personal conversations, the film offers an insight into these diverse communities, with powerful personal accounts from both activists and non-activists."

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