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A Stitch in Time at Luna


Now and again you get a movie that looks just OK in the trailer, but turns out to be so much better when viewed in full.  A Stitch in Time by Writer and Director Sasha Hadden is one such movie.

A Stitch in Time doesn't have lots of flashy clips that make for a great two minute trailer, but what it does have is a touching story filled with authentic characters, told exceptionally well.

The story revolves around Liebe (Maggie Blinco), an elderly housewife whose partner Duncan (Glenn Shorrock of Little River Band fame) loses his job singing at the RSL. Duncan is a self-centered and arrogant man, bitter about his lack of success and blaming other people for his failure to find an audience for his music.

In an attempt to raise money to finally record an album, Duncan reconnects with Justin, his old band-mate, and Christine, Justin's wife...

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Godz by Head First Acrobats at Fringe World Perth


With the glow of the signature Fringe World pink bunny acting as a siren's call, my partner and I eagerly headed to the Girls School to watch the latest show Godz by Head First Acrobats.

The theme for the evening was Ancient Greece as the Gods: Cupid (God of Love), Hercules (God of Strength), Dionysus (God of Wine) and Apollo (God of the Sun, Music and Poetry) graced us with their presence.

The Head First Acrobats cast certainly looked the part of Gods – they are very athletic and fit! Add in their gymnastic mastery, their slapstick humour, and a large dash of naughty sex appeal – these guys are a winning team.

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Conversations with a Fish at The Blue Room Theatre


Are humans as a species really superior to fish?

Are fish more intelligent than we ever imagined?

These and many other thought provoking questions are put to the audience in Blue Room Theatre’s latest production “Conversations with a Fish” as part of its Summer Series.

First Nations Director and Writer Helah Milroy puts us through a rigorous philosophical and challenging debate using fishy characters as the medium all the while questioning humanity in all its forms – the quest to seek freedom, addressing gender and equality issues, dealing with power and greed, survival of the fittest, the tyranny of the justice system and the fight for sovereignty rights.

Under the belly of some darkly comedic and very funny laugh out loud moments, Milroy takes us on a once in a lifetime journey to question our positioning on ethical and moral dilemmas...

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Limbo at Perth Festival


On a cool summer’s evening, my friend and I headed to UWA Somerville to watch a Perth Festival 2022 movie.

It was the first event we were attending where we had to show our proof of vaccination, but there was only a short queue which moved quickly as we checked in. Thumbs up to the staff at Perth Festival for the smooth process.

The movie for the evening was Limbo – which I had marked as one to watch.

The setting is a remote Scottish Island – the location for a group of male refugees from various countries who are seeking asylum, the main character of which is Omar from Syria.

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La Traviata - My Brothers and I at Perth Festival


It was another pleasant evening under the UWA Somerville pines watching the French movie La Traviata.

La Traviata tells the beautiful and poignant story of young Nour  - a 13 year old boy who has the whole summer ahead of him.

Nour lives with 3 brothers and his Mum in a community housing project located in a coastal town in southern France.

On paper, one might expect a boy that age to have a carefree summer and to enjoy his youth but it is not to be.

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Juniper at Perth Festival


On a cool summer’s evening, my partner and I eagerly headed to UWA Somerville to watch Juniper under the stars.

The movie tells the story of how a family, whose members are emotionally distant, are brought together by challenging circumstances.

Teenager Sam (played by actor George Ferrier) has been in boarding school since his mother died. He is not close to his father, and is suddenly tasked with looking after his grandmother from the UK who is unwell and spending some time at his home in scenic New Zealand.

The movie portrays well the terse relationships between the different family members as they navigate unknown territory during unsettling times and unearth some painful memories along the way.

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Lingui - Sacred Bonds at Perth Festival


On a balmy summer evening, my friend and I headed to UWA Somerville to watch Lingui – Sacred Bonds as part of the Perth Festival movie season.

The story line of Lingui – Sacred Bonds is simple enough – teenage Maria gets pregnant and wants an abortion and once her mother Amina finds out, she tries to help her daughter navigate the system to get it done.

But simple would definitely not be the appropriate word to use in this context – where the religious and social structures underpinning what is deemed proper conduct and behaviour are less than straightforward as Amina and Maria face challenge after challenge in a country where abortion is illegal and considered immoral.

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