Things to do in Perth if you only had One Day


If you can only spare one day to explore the beautiful city of Perth, then I hope you have some good walking shoes. With one day you can sample a bit of Perth’s metropolitan culture, history and natural beauty while enjoying the stunning weather that typically ranges from nice to amazing.

Start your day off with a delicious breakfast at a neighbourhood cafe or at one of the many cafes along Murray or Hay Street Mall. Ask for a recommendation at the place you’re staying or check out our area or food guides to find a scrumptious place to begin your day.

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Places to Visit in Perth - the City of Light


I live in the UK and came up with a few recommendations after visiting Perth, Australia, down under as we call it here!

Right on the Western coast of Australia is Perth, a beautiful and vibrant city attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. And it's no surprise, since the city is blessed with sunshine most of the year and is famous for its unspoiled beaches, parklands and gardens. There's plenty of things to do and see in Perth from soaking up the sights to catching a game of Aussie Rules Football.

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Enex100 - A Taste of Perth City Shopping


You know how some things can hide in plain sight? enex100 in the Perth CBD is one of those places. When I worked at one of the stores in enex100 the retail centre had been open over a year and we still had people regularly commenting that they had no idea it was open before they walked in. Once you discover it for shopping in the Perth city, you’ll find yourself going again and again. Not only is it located in a convenient location between Hay Street Mall and St Georges Terrace, but it also offers a different shopping experience than most retail centres.

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Personal Impressions of Perth


I travelled to Perth in 2009 as part of an Australian self-organised tour. I had been wanting to visit Down Under for too long, so I finally answered the call of my many friends I collected while travelling around the world. The idea of staying as long as I wished at my friends' houses, many of which were located in various parts of the country, thrilled me. It felt like I was embarking on a journey of continuous chilling out and staying in the good company of cool people.

My Australian wanderings lasted two months, and I have to confess I stuck around Perth the longest. I found the city and its surroundings unbelievable.

Perth is the capital of Western Australia and I agree with whoever says this is the most liveable city of the continent.

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Off the Beaten Track to Explore Perth’s Laneways


The laneways of Perth might not be as much a city fixture like they are in Melbourne, but that will be changing over the coming years. The Perth government is in the process of acquiring and updating an assortment of laneways here in Perth.  The plan is to keep the gritty feel of the laneway, but develop it as a space for small bars, restaurants and specialty shops.

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