Il Cammino Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria in Carlisle


You can find the Il Cammino Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria tucked away down a side street (Raleigh Street) off Archer Street in Carlisle. It’s an unassuming older style house but don’t be deceived by its modest appearance - Il Cammino packs a punch when it comes to tasty Italian food.

On the menu are the usual favourites such as the veal parmigiana, saltimbocca alla romana, and lamb shank, along with a fantastic range of pastas and woodfired pizzas to tempt even the most discerning of diners. Seafood lovers will enjoy the chilli mussels, which is one of the house specialties.

On the Thursday night that my partner and I visited, the string of lights outside Il Cammino beckoned us inside, and we entered the restaurant in anticipation of a relaxed evening together enjoying some traditional Italian food.

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Life's Good at the Woodvale Tavern


The Woodvale Tavern tags itself as “Your local British Pub in the heart of Woodvale.”

Having never been to an actual pub in Britain (or anywhere in Britain for that matter, but it’s on my bucket list) I can’t tell a newcomer from the UK how it compares to home.

But many British expats choose to make a new home in the Woodvale area, which is about a half hour drive north from the Perth CBD.

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Best Coffee in the Perth CBD - Top 5 Picks


One of the perks of working in the Perth CBD, has got to be the coffee.  It’s one of the things I missed the most when I was on maternity leave, and has remained one of my motivators to getting up at the crack of dawn to get into work.   Over time, I’ve been taking recommendation after recommendation of where to grab the best coffee in Perth, and from this I’ve compiled my top 5.

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Top 10 Picks for Family Friendly Restaurants in Perth


Dining out changes somewhat when you bring children into the equation.  You look at your choice of restaurant through different eyes, and what might be a perfectly fantastic restaurant for a romantic rendezvous might not have the same appeal when you add a couple of toddlers into the mix. 

That said, Perth offers a plenitude of family friendly restaurants that superbly cater for the family market. 

For some families, a restaurant with a play area tops their list of favourite places, for others it’s where they know that there will be something yummy for their kids to eat. 

For others, it’s simply knowing that kids are allowed in the restaurant.  

Here’s a list of some top restaurants and cafes in Perth for you to enjoy family dining.

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Kicking Back at the Vic Park Hotel


Pubs are something of an icon of Aussie culture but to be honest, I’ve never really considered myself much of a pub person. I guess it’s because I’m not a big drinker (I’ve had one alcoholic beverage in the last two and a half years) which can also make me look and feel a little out of place. And thanks in small part to my Asian background, I’ve heard all the jokes about being unable to hold my liquor and saving money by only drinking water.

But luckily for me, pubs are increasingly more than just drinking holes, as proven during a Sunday afternoon visit to the Vic Park Hotel.

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