Perfect Weather and Pristine Beaches in Perth


Travelling from overseas to visit Perth can be particularly tiring, especially if have come from the UK and are recovering from jet lag after a long flight. Don’t let the long flight deter you from making the trip across - there are many excellent reasons why a visit to Perth should be on your to do list if planning a trip to Australia.

Perth may be one of the most isolated cities in the world, but despite our remoteness, there are some unique experiences such as our pristine beaches that you should definitely check out whilst exploring our beautiful city.

We in Perth are blessed with perfect weather – it’s winter time as I write this article, and the sun is shining outside, warming up the chilly morning. No matter what time of the year you visit Perth, you’re likely to experience some lovely sunny weather.

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Perth Birds Walkabout Part Two

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Perth has some great lakes and nature reserves within 1 hour from Perth by car. A bonus for bird watchers at these locations is that the birds can often be quite relaxed when you show up with binoculars or a camera as they are used to the many people who go to these great outdoor places.

Lake Monger - a great site that usually has hundreds of water birds such as black swans, egrets, grebes, swamphens, hardhead, pink eared and blue billed ducks.  Directions: from Perth head north for about 4 kilometres on the Mitchell Freeway, then exit on to Vincent Street/Lake Monger Drive.

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Bayswater – Bird Watching, Sunsets and BBQs


Regardless of where you live in Perth, you’ll be sure to find some nice recreational spots to enjoy nearby.

The suburb of Bayswater, approximately 8 kms north east from the Perth CBD, has many recreational spots and parks catering for those who like the great outdoors.

Within this suburb, you’ll find many reserves including the Eric Singleton Bird Park, the Bayswater Riverside Gardens, and the Baigup Wetlands.

Here is a handy summary of some of the best Bayswater recreational parks to check out:

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Cottesloe Beach - A Perfect Spot for a Picnic in Perth


I love picnics. I love them more than peanut butter.  I love them because you bring one delicious edible item and get to try more delicious edible items in the company of friends, usually outside in the sun, in a spot with a great view. So, I would like to tell you all my fail-safe-foolproof: 10 easy steps to hosting a picnic in Perth.

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12 Things to Do in Perth for Adrenaline Junkies


Perth figures among the top destinations for adventure sports in Australia, with 100,000 daily visitors. Entertainment is business in Perth, considering that the City of Perth is a major free entertainment provider for its 1.6 million metropolitan residents. What do you do in Perth to get your adrenaline going? Check out 12 great activities in Perth:

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