Walking with the Gormley Statues on Lake Ballard


The legendary artist, sculptor, and modern designer has struck again. Anthony Gormley has caused another stir, but this time in Western Australia. His eerie mark on the salt flats of Lake Ballard not far from the Western Australian town of Menzies attracts thousands of contemporary art lovers every year and is sure to continue to do so into the future.

The 51 life sized black steel statues are spread across Lake Ballard salt lake and were an initiative of the Perth International Arts Festival in 2005 to celebrate the the 50th anniversary of the Arts Festival. Visitors to the site can take in the smells and eerie quietness of the Ballard goldfield, and drive along the Golden Quest Discovery Trail to the historic ghost towns and tourist sites of Kalgoorlie.

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Five Top Places to Visit in Western Australia


If you are travelling to or live in Perth and would like to venture outside of the capital city,here are five top places to visit in Western Australia (WA).

In a state that is larger in size than Western Europe, it pays to plan ahead and work out how much time you have up your sleeve, how you want to travel (driving the length of the state can take days) and what you would like to do when you get there.

Here are just some of WA’s many tourist attractions:

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A Weekend Getaway to Bunker Bay, Dunsborough


In my world, and that of many women, a getaway is made even better when it is strictly ladies only.

Something about getting together with your best girlfriends and talking make-up and shopping without that male ‘roll of the eyes’ really is a treat.

What you are about to read is based on my experience in Bunker Bay, Dunsborough. Not to say that this couldn’t be done the other way around in a good old fashioned guy’s weekend, it very well could. You would probably just want to swap the spa treatments with a few drinks at one of the local pubs.

Of course if you’re a male keen on a spa treatment, I am merely the giver of information and will not judge you on this. Males need pampering too.

So let’s get started.

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Bunbury By the Beach


Less than two hours from Perth travelling south on the Kwinana Freeway is a place known as the City of Three Waters.  Bunbury is surrounded by water, situated on a peninsula that’s circumferenced by the surf of the Indian Ocean, the calmer waters of Koombana Bay and the shallow waters of the Leshenault Estuary.

Tourists and travellers are often pleasantly surprised by Bunbury, finding that it’s very different to how they had probably imagined.  
A City, A Port or a Tourist Destination?

It’s true that Bunbury can’t quite decide whether it’s an industrial city, a port or a tourist destination but it does offer the best of everything.

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Dunsborough: A Special Spot in the South West


Picture pristine beaches, secluded coves and quiet waterfront streets. Imagine lolling in shallow, glittering bays and cooling off with a refreshing locally-made ice cream. Located just three hours south of Perth, the small seaside town of Dunsborough, which overlooks Geographe Bay, offers the ultimate in year-round fun and relaxation.

I have fond memories of Dunsborough, having spent most of my school holidays at Green Acres Caravan Park with my family.

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