Book Review: Stella's Sea by Sally-Ann Jones


Stella's Sea is a poignant book by local author Sally-Ann Jones set in the Perth coastal suburb of Cottesloe, centred around the main character Stella and her dog Pom. As you follow Stella throughout her day, you are privy to her innermost thoughts and feelings as she interacts with other characters such as Ari the Coastguard.

The author Sally-Ann Jones expertly narrates Stella’s life – we feel her anguish at a tragic event that has occurred in her past, a painful event that is taking her a long time to recover from. Whilst she goes about her daily routine in Cottesloe, it’s the little things that bring a spark of hope and joy to her life.


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Book Review: Shallow Breath by Sara Foster


I love that more and more WA authors are showcasing their talents in the fiction genre, with novels set in Perth and Western Australia.

Shallow Breath, Sara Foster’s third novel, is a perfect example of this trend. Remember the hey day of Yanchep Sun City and the dolphins at Atlantis Marine Park back in the 80’s?

The backdrop of Foster’s novel  takes us back in time to reminisce the days of the Yanchep boom.

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Great Australian Movies You Must See


It is no secret that Australians like to laugh at themselves; enjoy heading into any given situation as the underdog, and hold the quality of mateship in high esteem.

And it is little wonder these traits are reflected in our movies; it is who we are, played out proudly on the big screen for the entire world to see.

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Book Review: The Girl in the Hard Hat by Loretta Hill


At Perth Walkabout we love to review books  by West Australian authors. The latest novel that I have read is The Girl in the Hard Hat by local Perth author Loretta Hill.

The Girl in the Hard Hat tells the story of Wendy, a safety manager who works in the harsh surrounds of Cape Lambert, up north in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. From the moment that I picked up The Girl in the Hard Hat the story caught and held my attention.

Loretta Hill tells the story of Wendy with a personal closeness so that you feel that you are with Wendy as she travels to find a new job up at Cape Lambert.

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Book Review: A Youth Not Wasted by Ian Parkes


Ian Parkes - author of “A Youth Not Wasted” was born in Perth, and in his first book, he tells an interesting story of his life working on sheep farms in the 1950’s. As a young lad during this era he has many a fascinating tale to tell of what life was like working in the Australian outback in the middle of the twentieth century.

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